3 Ways to Record Screen on Your MAC

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Are you unacquainted with the practice to record something that appears on your MAC screen? From QuickTime Player to the ScreenFlow, there are scores of built-in and third party MAC screen recorders that are facilitating millions of people on regular basis. To help you get your MAC screen recorded, we have rounded up here the easiest ways to record screen on MAC devices.


QuickTime Player

One of the quickest and cost-free solutions is QuickTime Player – a built-in media application in MAC. The app comes preloaded with a variety of functionalities including the one that is relevant to us. It can be used as a screen recorder on MAC. Interestingly, it does not just record the screen but also allows the user to record the audios as well during screen recording.

You can record the whole screen or a part of it by selection the screen area you want to be recorded. The process to record MAC screen using QuickTime Player is given below.

  • Launch the QuickTime Player on your MAC and select New Screen Recording from the File
  • A new recording window will appear on your screen. Use the drop down menu to choose the microphone, if you want audio recording. However, if you are not interested in audio recording, select None.
  • Click on the red button to start video recording.
  • As you click on that button, you will be asked either you want to record full screen or a particular part of the screen. You will probably want to record a window or selected area rather than the whole screen.
  • Select the screen you want to record and click on Start Recording
  • You can cancel or Finish screen recording tapping on the QuickTime icon in the menu bar, or selecting Stop Screen Recording.

The latest versions of QuickTime also allow you to edit the screen recording. You can cut the video from beginning or end, split the video into parts, add another recording at the end of the video or somewhere in between where your cursor is placed.


Monosnap is another free and quick screen capturing software. It is a lightweight MAC screen recording tool that allows the user to draw a rectangle or pointer during the screen recording. Also, it allows the user to add an external camera in desktop recording as well as using the built-in webcam of MAC.

Similar to QuickTime, Monosnap also let you edit the screen recording but it is limited to cropping the video from starting or ending points and saving the edited video as a new file. The original video remains uncut.


ScreenFlow is paid software and this is because it provides a more satisfying output the cost-free tools. The popular screen recorder allows the user to record anything that appears on the MAC screen. In addition to screen recording, it offers editing screen recording video, cropping, zooming, and swinging it in the horizontal and vertical plane.

With ScreenFlow, the user can add annotations, callouts, and insert clips on top of the main screen recording video. The latest version of ScreenFlow is more advanced and powerful that let you apply your favorite video actions to trimmings in the timeline to produce a professional looking video. You can download the trial app for free.

The Bottom Line

Though Apple’s QuickTime Player and Monosnap are lightweight and quick recorders, for longer and complex recording, Screen Flow is a must. But if your MAC screen recording needs are not high, and you are only required to shoot a few tutorial videos to share with others, QuickTime is enough to meet your requirements. You can get free MAC spy software to record the screen of Macbook.


Cathy Alan

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