10 EdTech Life Hacks Every Student Needs to Conquer College

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Being a college student is challenging because it calls for a lot of focus, hard work and dedication. Despite the numerous hardships college students face, getting through college successfully is all about uncovering shortcuts to make your life easier, maximize your time and manage it effectively.


Edtech life hacks allow intelligent websites and applications to most of the technical work, thus giving a student ample time for studying and learning. From reminders and scheduling to a presentation and research tools, there is an edtech solution to virtually every college assignment. Here are ten tools that you need to make your education life easier.


A majority of college students barely have enough time to switch tabs between academic articles, news, and social media. What’s even worse is that all that slows down a computer. With Flipboard, it is easier for college students to access their favorite news outlets and save stories for later reading.

Google Voice Typing

Regardless of the major, every college students would benefit from a reliable voice typing application. From drafting a project proposal to outlining notes, letting your computer do all the typing guarantees you a relaxed time with your assignments. Although there are tons of overpriced and flawed voice recognition and transcription services online, none of them matches Google’s voice typing function regarding accuracy. Besides, it is free and easy to use.

All you need to do is open a Google Doc in Chrome browser and select voice typing under the tools menu. If you need help writing a term paper, this technology is among the few resources that should come in handy.


Unless you are majoring in art, then a design is most likely not your stuff. However, that does not mean that your classroom presentations have to be shoddy. Canva accords you most of the graphic materials you require to create appealing visual content, including filters, fonts, icons, and layouts.

If This Then That (IFTTT)

Have you ever dreamt of having someone who could remind you to organize your emails, do your laundry or schedule an event for you? Well, worry no more because the genie is right here. IFTTT is an application that connects many devices and applications via a free command. For instance, if it records that you had a sleepless night, the Google Calendar will remind you to go to bed early.


If revising for your midterms and finals has always been a nightmare, worry no more because Quizlet makes cramming for your exams easier than ever before. With millions of searchable flashcards, study guides and games you will come across your topic of interest. Quizlet is a great resource for tutors and an appealing alternative to the boring paper study guide.



With the hectic schedules college students face, the chances are that they will have a knack filling up their agendas. Allocating time for group assignments, student government meetings, volunteer hours, work shifts and lunch breaks with friends is not an easy task without a personal assistant. However, Doodle has come to their rescue.

This is a handy website that assists you in finding the best time for every activity and schedules meetings without collision. Besides, this site integrates with Google calendar so that all your appointments are organized in a single plan.


If taking notes on your laptop or tablet is what you prefer, ZoomNotes is an excellent application that has numerous comprehensive tools. You can draw figures with extensive zoom capability and sketch with six different pens. What’s more captivating is the fact that you can import videos, photos, documents and write over them.

This is the epitome of educational technology. Besides, it is evidence that technology and education go hand in hand.

Top Documentary Films

When reading notes does not seem to help you understand an education concept or when classroom ideas seem not to make any sense, watching educative documentaries can be an alternative to help you prepare for a test.

This community boasts of more than 3,000 free-to-watch documentaries, most of which are available in full-length. With close to 25 browsing categories, this can be a great site to use if your assignment is a documentary.


If you want to view headlines and front pages on the leading international newspapers dating back to 1945, this historical archive is the best option to use. Besides, Kiosko is crucial for fact checking purposes.


If you need to convert raw data into spreadsheets and charts, this site will do it in a short time. You just have to paste a URL that contains your required data set and Import.io will transform it into an organized table. You can export the sheet as a CSV file, which will save you hours of copying, pasting, and arranging figures into your spreadsheet from scratch.


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