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The businesses all around the world are in search of effective software that can manage their log well and at the same time provide them cloud capabilities. The technology has set new dimensions in just every field and constant growth is seen over the year.


The businesses have found one of the most powerful log analyzer and log management software which Logmatic.io. Some of the top notch companies around the world including Canal+ and BlaBla Cars are using this awesome software for managing their logs well.

What you need to Know about Logmatic Tool?

Logmatic is a powerful tool that can be used by companies around the world for monitoring their software usage and at the same time analyzing the performance of their business. It offers easy log management over the cloud interface and helps companies to integrate different department together.

It is the best operations data platforms that most of the companies need to smooth out the things and make it easy to handle the machine data.

Why Logmatic.io?

There is no other better place than this to find other the reasons why one should use this powerful log management software. The syslog-ng functionality provided by this tool comes handy while forwarding the log files. Many other features are provided by Logmatic tool which are discussed here:

  • Easy Setup: Logmatic is available on cloud. So you need not install it to your laptops/PC personally. The report logs can be integrated easily to this centralized analysis platform provided by Logmatic.
  • Enrichment & Parsing: Logmatic gives you a method for orientation of regular data into structured data making it more meaningful than the previous one. This tool can recognize the patterns easily and lets you make your own custom regulations for combining the data. The transactions and requests can be tracked through dynamic tagging.
  • Powerful Investigation Abilities: Logmatic allows you to view the centrally logged data easily. Certain extended capabilities are provided like filtering the machine data using different attributes.
  • Flexible Alerting: The abnormal behavior in the system can be detected and you are alerted for the same. You can also create flexible alerts for analyzing the log utilizing the search queries and metrics. Any changes made to your logs will send you alerts through email. The reports can be generated daily, weekly or even on monthly basis.

Benefits Provided by Logmatic

Some of the ultimate benefits that can be enjoyed by Logmatic tool have been listed here. One can easily go through them and find out reasons why Logmatic is the best tool.

  • You can get the alerts instantly if any abnormal activity is detected in your logs.
  • You can easily keep an eye over your system. The apps running on the system can be monitored and their performances can be figured out for scope of improvement.
  • You can easily navigate through your dynamic dashboards and customize them in the way you want for a better log analysis.
  • You can easily integrate different departments of the company together so that the data can be shared and edited on centralized interface.
  • The reports can be generated as per your comfort and you can get them on your email.

The Bottom Line

Logmatic is one of the most powerful log management software that is used by number of big companies around the world. Its phenomenal capabilities are applauded and this awesome works fabulously for satisfying its users.

The machine data can be managed easily over a cloud interface and raw data can be turned into the structured form. What else a user can ask from this powerful log analyzer.


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