3 Signs That You Need To Fire Your SEO Agency

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The SEO industry is constantly changing. Every single time a new Google algorithm update is released we see drastic shifts in rankings for thousands of websites. This is when the honest and high quality SEO agencies are separated from the dishonest and low quality ones.

fire SEO agency

Because you are reading these lines, there is a pretty strong possibility that you are currently working with an SEO agency. In the past the results may have been great but this is not a guarantee for the future. You need to constantly assess the working relationship that you have with any company that takes care of your website’s rankings.

In order to help you make a good decision, here are the signs when you need to fire your SEO agency.

No Reports Delivered

Whenever you see that reports are not offered by your SEO agency, you have to seriously consider looking for another one. We say this because you want to know everything about the work that is done for your projects. If you notice that there is no willingness to deliver reports, it practically means that the agency is hiding something from you.

Always make sure that the SEO agency does the work that you pay. That is much more important than you may initially believe because some companies simply charge you for something that is not actually delivered.

Prices Are Higher Than Market Averages

Look exactly at the services that are offered ranging from the backlinks you receive to the on-site modifications that are done. Then, compare with similar services that are offered by companies that have a similar or higher reputation on the market. When you do this, it is a guarantee that you will notice some differences. You want to compare prices so that you can be sure that you are not overcharged.

It should be added that in the event that you see that the prices are much lower than market averages, you want to carefully look at all that is offered. There is a possibility that you are being offered a sub-quality service.

Improper Communication

Whenever working with a service provider, it is vital that proper communication exists. If this is not the case, whenever a problem appears, it will not be solved in time. You will not know anything about the results offered and when you want some changes to be done, they will be implemented slower than possible.


Always monitor the work that the SEO agency does for you. This is the most important thing that you have to do at the end of the day. Whenever you realize the fact that problems exist, discuss it with the account manager that the agency has for your account.

If you see that there is no way to solve the problems or if you notice that the company is not honest with you, it is imperative that you look for someone else. There are dozens of great SEO agencies that you can work with and only some of them are really good.


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