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Are you looking for a solution to enable you to manage, control and analyse your communications, both to and from your business? Do you think your business could benefit for such technologies? If so, read on.

Call management

Network Telecom Re-Call can provide you with a powerful solution to enhance your call management.

NT Re-Call is a feature-rich call reporting software that improves user efficiency, helps to increase productivity, and makes informed business decisions from within the workplace by extracting and manipulating the collected data and providing you with intelligent statistics about your business.

  • Improve customer service
  • Quickly detect fraudulent telephone use
  • Increase revenues
  • Maximise your telecoms investment
  • Reduce communication costs

Traditional methods make creating and running reports highly time-consuming. But with NT Re-Call you see real-time call information in an easy-to-understand graphical version, which uses widgets.

  • Verify call costs
  • Generate revenue through call cost mark-up and line rental charges
  • Identify unanswered calls
  • Design staff shift patterns around call volume
  • Identify billing anomalies
  • Combat telecommunications fraud
  • Control communications capacity and traffic flows
  • Deliver organisational, extension and client billing

A report scheduling feature is available to be delivered either daily/weekly/monthly – whatever your preference!

call exec summary


  • Unlimited client licenses
  • Personalised login screen
  • Multi-site reporting
  • Wide range of reports
  • Full call management reporting
  • Built in alarms and fraud prevention
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • UK-based support, design & integration
  • Microsoft Outlook look and feel
  • Integration of call recording files
  • Custom build database utilities
  • Easy upgrade path to CommsOffice Pro, Enterprise or Voice
  • Ideal for any business phone system

If you’d like to get started with a call management system or would like any more information, we recommend heading over to http://www.networktelecom.co.uk/ today!


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