Airtel Launches 4G Services on Mobile in Kolkata

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After Bangalore, it is now Kolkata’s turn. Airtel announced 4G services for its Kolkata prepaid mobile users starting at Rs. 42. The company is making attempts to provide high speed internet anytime, anywhere.

Airtel 4G

The popular service provider had released 4G services in 2012 in Kolkata. These services, however, could be accessed only via dongles. After 2 years Airtel has successfully launched Airtel 4G services for mobile users in Kolkata, which provides them with superior internet on the go.

According to the company, users will experience thrilling data activity, with faster and better browsing experience, from any place at any time. The 4G technology is obviously far superior to, the 3G Internet technology, which allows the users to download data at a speed of 100 Mbps. So now, Kolkata based Airtel mobile users have the liberty to download songs and movies or connect faster from any corner, at literally any time of the day.

Apple’s iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S are handsets which are 4G enabled. Airtel customers in Kolkata who use 4G enabled handsets will be required to upgrade their SIM cards to a 4G SIM which enables this service. With 4G Internet connectivity, Airtel users have access to high speed internet with which they can download 650 t0 750 MBs in less than 10 seconds.

The data plans for Airtel customers, who intend to use the Airtel 4G services, starts at Rs. 42. While added plans for postpaid customers is Rs. 999, the same for prepaid customers is Rs. 995, which avails the user with 10 GB of 4G data at their disposal.

Airtel postpaid users have the liberty to customize and personalize their 4G plans with Airtel’s myPlan. They can set the data, browsing on 4G network and voice calling on 2G networks, or vice-versa as per their own convenience.

The company has in 2010 won the Spectrum for its high speed broadband services in Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka and Kolkata. Earlier this year, in Feruary, Airtel has launched 4G mobile services in Bangalore. The company was the first in India to provide 4G technology for mobile phones.

Airtel is taking one step at a time. Soon, the company will make the Airtel 4G services available for mobile phones across India. With 4G data technology, one can download movies, songs and videos, watch live streaming uninterrupted and stay connected with their loved ones all the time from anywhere. It is certainly a step towards progress in technology especially for Indians, now that we have the freedom to enjoy high speed internet!


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