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Out of all the operating systems used in our smartphones and tablets these days, the Android OS is perhaps the most widely used. The easy to use interface and the numerous peculiar features of this operating system is what make it more desirable among users across the world.


Also, Android operating system has thousands of different games and applications to its credit. Apart from this, the cheap price of Android powered devices has also made them favorite among the masses.

Speaking of Android applications, there are hundreds of utility apps provided by this operating system. These apps aim at making an individual’s life convenient and to help them in their daily chores. One such app is the pickWEB app for Android.


pickWEB is created by ATEM- IT and it is a reference app for books and other information on the internet. Apparently, all of us spend a lot of our time in looking for the most relevant information.

There is no guarantee that the search engine will answer our query in the first attempt only and often there may be the need for changing the format of our query as well.


Now, using this particular app pickWEB app for Android, we can actually save a lot of our browsing time by quickly reaching to the information that we are looking for.

Working of pickWEB

Basically, this Android app creates a directory/ catalog of some of the most interesting websites on the internet. Along with this list of websites, there is also provision for easy as well as friendly access to these websites.

This can be achieved with the help of the pickWEB client. Thus, the pickWEB app makes sure that you are able to access the most accurate information within just a few seconds.

All the websites across the globe are considered as well as evaluated before short listing the catalog/ directory of the most appropriate ones. The most convenient feature of this Android app is that there is no longer the need to open your browser for accessing information.

Yes, all you need to do is simply go to the desktop of your PC or your gadget because all the options are kept there. Apart from this, pickWEB can be efficiently used in almost every device that we use today, including our PCs, tablets as well as smart phones.

There is also provision for multilingual interface which enables people from across the globe use this application. Meanwhile, information in the directory/ catalog will be categorized on the basis of countries.

Other features

pickWEB for Android can be used by people belonging to all age groups and from anywhere across the globe.

The visual presentation of all the links and sections is very simple and it is convenient for everyone to understand. This user- friendly interface makes this app suitable for both professional users as well as entry- level users.

  • The directory created by this app is updated regularly, hence delivering more reliable and up- to- date information.
  • Depending on the theme of the domain, there are sections and sub- sections under each directory.
  • The links to any website is sorted on the basis of the country.
  • There is a “Favorite” folder in which you can delete as well as add links to various websites on your own.
  • The “Most Viewed” folder will store the websites which are accessed more frequently from your device.
  • Link browsing is simplified due to their arrangement in the alphabetical order or on the basis of number of hits.
  • Directory for any specific country can be browsed for any particular regional information.

Apart from Android, the pickWEB client is also available for other operating systems such as iOS, Windows and WinPhone.

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