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Many people think that video editing is just about cutting out all the things that doesn’t seem to look good, shaky shots, mistakes and the recordings of you filming your feet for the reason that you forgot to turn the camera  off.

Video editing

Video editing is all that but definitely a lot more than that. It is the most vital part of your video production, the aspect where drama and emotions is created.

Video editing needs your both brain halves to work together. One side will be for the technical part, while the other for the creative. When those two are working perfectly, video editing can be such a wonderful thing.

The following are some wonderful tips and tricks that can be used in video editing

  • Always shoot your videos with editing in mind, take various shots, wide shots, close shots, pans and zooms, steadily hold on to the camera, film sufficient footage, you can later cut out the part you don’t need.
  • Work in an organized manner, if you are producing a longer movie, put in place a storyboard first. Name the clips in your video editing software. Use the names as used in your storyboard. If you forget to name your clips you will end up with a pile of files and you will lose a lot of time and energy trying to find the footage that you are searching for.
  • Once you have your clip loaded into your editing software, start with making a “rough edit” then put the main clip you want to use in sequential order in the time line.
  • Afterwards, cut out the crap, trim the start and endings of each footage and cut out the unusable shots.
  • Adding some effects into the clip can bring more of your audience into your movie and will make it more cool and beautiful. Play around with the alteration and try to have a feel of  what the different effects do to your movie.
  • Create a title or nice intro and title at the end as well. They will ensure you have a suitable beginning and ending in your movie. Going to black at the finishing part of a movie will produce a dramatic effect.
  • One vital part of your video editing is adding sound effects and music. The same footage can completely bring a different message across if it is in line with some house beats or some slow rock. Test various kinds of music tracks for your video and “sense” the difference. A good selection of music will give your video that “amazing” effect and will emit those emotions you want to send across.

With Wondershare Video Editor all these has been made easy. It is the lovely video editing software that is created to allow even newbies to make home movie magic in seconds.

It comes with so many special editing features like Mosaic Blur and Jump Cut as well as quality editing tools, including Split, Crop and Rotate. This video editor takes your home video to a new height of enjoyment for your pleasure.

Compare Video Editing Software

If you’re on the market for new video editing software, you’ll want to do your research first. You can compare video editing software at TEC. Their website features a general overview of each software, includes consumer reviews, highlights their top features, and details how much the software will set you back.

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