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You’ve probably noticed that Google recently replaced a black bar with the new app launcher, located at the top right of the screen. I like this launcher, but it is impossible to select and customize the applications of your choice. Fortunately, there is an extension of Google Chrome that allows you to customize the apps on launcher.


This extension, which is called App Launcher Customizer for Google offers four interesting features:

  • Select the Google applications of your choice which will be added to the app launcher.
  • Arrange the available applications in the launcher.
  • A wider grid of icons.
  • The ability to add third-party services such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

App Launcher Customizer for Google chrome extension allows you to customize the app launcher and add more then 170 Google shortcuts. And along with the 170 Google shortcuts; App Launcher Customizer also allows you to create your own custom shortcuts of your favorite websites like Facebook, Twitter and so on.


Once you have installed the extension, simply press the “Configure” button. It appears at the bottom of the launcher window. You switch in the configuration space of the App Launcher Customizer. It will do more than add the services of your choice to pitcher.

You can arrange all the Google shortcuts in the app launcher via drag and drop ( Hold your mouse on a shortcut in the left list, drag it to the right list of your chosen services).  Best thing is that you can suggest shortcuts to add in the list to Google.

The downside of the app launcher customizer is it’s not useful if you have multiple Google accounts. Because this extension only supports your main account which makes accessing services from your secondary account more difficult.

Download App Launcher Customizer for Google


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