Emerging Trends in the Tablet Market

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The tablet is perhaps the next bestselling device in the gadget market. The tablet market is flourishing by leaps and bounds around the globe. With the time many players have emerged and rose up to become major players in this booming tablet market.

Emerging Trends in the Tablet

While the nine-inch segment dominated by the Apple’s iPad account for the bulk of tablet display shipments worldwide, the fastest-growing portion of the market are consist of the 7.x-inch screens used in products like the Galaxy Tab from Samsung Electronics, the Nook Tablet from Barnes & Noble,the Kindle Fire from Amazon and other tablet products using the Google Android operating system. All these have the capabilities to become the bestselling tablet in India.

The tablet arms race is getting hotter with the launch of more advanced features and is ready to accelerate more in the second half of the year.  Most of the tablet manufacturers make Android OS based smartphones and tablets meaning that the large device maker does not want to limit themselves to any particular operating system.

Samsung is planning to come up with Windows RT tablet and it will be among the first to launch a Windows based tablet running on Arm-based processors rather than Intel. Tablets running the existing Windows 7 platform have long been Microsoft’s favored way of flaunting its operating system’s touch interface.

The new tablets will run an optimized version of Windows 8 called Windows RT which is optimized for touchscreens and only offers the Metro browsing interface that is similar to that used on Windows Phone.

Going by the advanced features it promises to offer it can be said that the Samsung tablet price list in India will be highly competitive. Samsung has a large customer base in India however some new players are also making their presence felt in the Indian tablet market.

While in the early stage foreign tablet manufacturers were shaking the market, now the entry level tablet segment has been buzzing with activity from Indian brands with several low cost tablets coming in the arena. Even though there is a bit of overcrowding when the choices for budget tablets are considered, but it’s true that most customers are getting inclined towards this new device.

All credit goes to the low cost tablets from manufacturers of Android Tablets in India like Micromax, HCL which have helped in attracting a large volume of buyers. Most of these ingenuously manufactured tablets offer somewhat similar features to the other established brands.

You can practically walk-in to tablet stores in India and find a lot of options in price and features to choose from. While Samsung still holds the major tablet market share in the India, new entrants and other established giants are trying hard to grab their place in the race. And to do this they are shipping some of the best tablet to India of various specifications and sizes.

The low-cost, much more compact tablets which were earlier shunned by many earlier are now finding a new place in the tablet market.


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