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If you would start the search of Pastebin Alternative then it might take more time than usual. Pastebin Alternatives are common but there are only few best alternatives for it. The Pastebin Alternatives will help you in coding methods and in so many other ways and will provide you what you are looking for. It will help you to handle long line coding and you would be able to share your work with those who are working with you.

The pastebin Alternatives are useful for finding your desired codes because the communities of developers are already there to help you in your coding problems.

5 Best Pastebin Alternative Websites

Let’s see a short list of Pastebin Alternatives. Here I am sharing with you my favorite and best alternatives and I hope you will surely like them all. Here is the 5 best Pastebin Alternative websites which, I consider, would be enough for your current search and will satisfy you surely.

1. Zerobin


This website can help you with its features. It allows you to get client side encryption for your contextual data. It is highly appreciated by those owners who are sharing their own or sensitive data with others thru a website. ZeroBin gives you full freedom to get full protection. Even the website will not crawl what you have in shared text snippets.

This website gives you surety that your data would be safe and secure even in the condition of server breach or seizure. There is a limit for every time data pasting.

You can paste almost 2MB data per paste and then with the advanced features of this website, you would be able to encrypt/decrypt your stored or shared data in the browser with the help of 256 bits AES. This could be best choice for encryption in 5 best Pastebin Alternative websites.



Chopapp is online application that is advanced and easy alternative of pastebin. This is a code reviewing application that will work online. It has developed and modified according to web designers and web developers for their ease. Developers and designers can share snippets codes with the annotations.

When you will add the small code, this website will suggest you formatted code for it and with the help of syntax-highlighting, it can keep your desired languages for desired snippets.

You can use this website to get feedback to your pasted code before you share it with your co-workers or friends. This site was created by ZURB and it was build using Backbone.js. Backbone.js is a framework that works and supplies structure to Java script heavy applications. With the help of this feature, website gets increased page loading speed with good performance of entire website.



Snipt is a website that will offer you long term memory for your codes. It can be used for managing the codes snippets or it can handle and save codes portions which could be useful for you or for others. All you have to do is to create a free account and then start utilizing and uploading your codes. It is best and reliable place for future access.

This helps most while writing the codes. And moreover, the website homepage already contains thousands of useful and amazing codes for developers and by developers of the world. You can browse thru and then choose your desired code. Snipt has big community where your work would gain additional help and you will get ease of working with the development codes.



Codepad is simplest website based application that is similar to pastbin. This is so easy to use and directly get to the page what you are looking for. It will show a straight forward and simple webpage where you would be able to select your desired coding languages. This is a simple collaboration tool that supports C, C++, D, Haskell, Lua, ACaml, PHP, Perl, Plain text, Python, Ruby, Scheme and Tcl.

This website allows you to make your code private or sharable. You can make your own projects freely on this website and this website will give you a sub-domain for your project if you wish.



This is a unique and quick tool that is simple to handle and easy to understand. It allows you to share your code fast with more than one people at once. Every time you paste your code, you will get a URL by which you can share your code easily. Full website has been designed in grayscale view.

The grey color is said to be most convenient for coding as it doesn’t drags your concentration anywhere else. And the colorized source code will be highlighted more. With its amazing function of automatic expiry, your database would never be filled with coding and other data.

I hope you will surely like all these 5 best Pastebin Alternative websites. Avail and Enjoy!


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