4 Logo Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

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Here are the Logo Design Mistakes You Must Avoid. When people see you, do you want them to like you or hate you? Of course, it must be your ultimate desire to present yourself in a nice and decent manner so that people will admire you and trust you. No one likes to be hated, but there are certain things we end up doing unintentionally that can ruin our reputation.


This is also true in the business world. If you don’t pay attention to certain things, you will end up shutting down your business in a very short period of time… and your logo design is one of the things that need your utmost attention.

When you are ready to create or redesign your logo, there are 4 mistakes that you must avoid. This will empower you to create a gorgeous, unique and professional logo for your business.

Mistake # 1: Don’t Use Clipart

Uniqueness is the Key to Success. If you don’t look unique, then you can’t beat your competitors. It’s that simple. Thus, you must strive to create a unique logo that can uniquely represent your professionalism.

So, how can you make your business look unique? You must create a custom logo design and you must not use clipart when you design your brand identity.

What if hundreds of people have already used the same clipart in their designs? Your logo will look old and uninteresting. To avoid ruining your reputation, never use clipart.

Mistake # 2: Don’t Hire an Amateur Designer

Let’s say you buy a house and notice that the roof is not strong enough. What will you do? Will you not care and risk your life along with the lives of your family members? Or, will you take a different step and hire an amateur person to fix your roof? Since it’s a matter of life and death, you can’t afford to take any risks and it’s best to hire a professional to fix the roof.

The same goes for your logo design. It’s the face of your business. If you hire an amateur to create your identity, your business will collapse sooner or later… and you will end up shutting down your business. Remember, professionals are called professionals for a reason.

So, avoid taking risks and turn to professionals for this critical task.

Mistake # 3: Don’t Use Free Tools and Software

You Can’t Afford to Ruin Your Reputation. Who doesn’t like free stuff? We all do. But, free stuff is not always good, especially in the design industry.

What can you possibly achieve by using a free design tool or software? If you are not a professional designer, you can only craft a colorful design that will show what you like and it will miserably fail to represent your business.

If you can’t hire a professional designer and spend some money, then you should think at least 10 times whether to start your own business or not. Without a unique and professional face or logo design, you can’t succeed in the world of business.

Mistake # 4: Don’t Be Limited to Your Imagination

“Oh, I have this great idea in mind. I am sure people will love it.”

It’s good to come up with your own ideas to create a superb brand identity for your business. However, if you think that your idea is good enough and you don’t need to conduct a research to examine your competitors, then you are mistaken.

You have got to see the brand identity of your competitors. Well, you are not supposed to see them to copy them, but to determine how you can beat them by coming up with a better logo design for your business.

So, don’t think that your imagination is good enough for your business. You need to do lots of research and brainstorming to ensure that you don’t create something ordinary. You need an extraordinary logo to make your business look wonderful, trustworthy and professional.


You can’t afford to take any risks and you can’t afford to make any mistakes when you create a face for your business. Your logo must be unique and it must help you look professional and trustworthy. Only then you can beat your competitors and enjoy ultimate business growth.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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