5 Must-Have SEO Apps for your Android Device

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Say what you will about him, but Steve Jobs was right. The majority of the tech-savvy are living in a “Post-PC era”. People are relying less and less on the personal computer for everyday tasks, only using the PC for more intensive actions such as writing and developing. For routine upkeep and media consumption, people use their smartphones and tablets to keep abreast of the latest news and events around the globe, to update their blogs, and refresh their social media feeds.


As smartphones and tablets become more and more robust, even something as complex as search engine optimization (SEO) may be conducted on these portable devices. The Android platform in particular, due to its openness and accessibility for the tech literate, is a popular medium for development.

This article will examine some of the top SEO tools for Android, and see how they can affect SEO practices moving into the future.

1. Affilorama Mobile Tools

Late last year, Affilorama released their Mobile Tools—a portable extension of their Affilorama Premium Tools, which is in an exclusive testing phase at present. As such, purchasers of the mobile app will need to possess access to these Premium Tools to use the app.

However, those with access to Affilorama Premium tools won’t be disappointed—this free mobile app allows webmasters to check up on their SEO rankings on the go. In addition, Affilorama Mobile Tools lets users know general site information, such as Alexa Rank, Page Rank, and Domain Authority.

A more SEO-specific breakdown is also available, examining the search engines used to access the site, as well as the top keywords. Because this app is on the Android platform, it is compatible with a wide range of devices, from the lowest-end Galaxy Y to the leading Nexus phones and tablets.

2. Google Analytics for Mobile

Google Analytics is the bread and butter for any SEO specialist. The free mobile version allows users to transfer their Google Analytics credentials over to their handheld, and gain access to virtually all of the data available on the web platform.

  • The first piece of data available is the real-time traffic report, which is useful for any news website or e-commerce owner. The data updates every five minutes, which is a reasonable amount of latency.

  • Going deeper into the app introduces the all-important dashboard, which is the highlight of the web-based analytics. Here, users can see their unique visitors by day as well as their conversions.

  • The app also has alerts for certain spikes (positive or negative) in traffic, as well as other milestones.

With Google Analytics for Mobile, users will be able to update their clients in real-time, or prepare for that report on the road.


For the users who only want to know their Google search results statistics, this simple app should be their go-to resource.

SEO SERP APP PRO enables specialists to track their website’s position on Google’s results pages, as well as other popular search engines. The app comes with customizable refresh periods, and lets users use over 30 counters, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Metrics such as Alexa, Facebook likes, Twitter shares, Pinterest pins, Diggs, and Reddit shares are also available for measurement.

4. mAnalytics Pro

An extremely streamlined front for Google Analytics data, this inexpensive app is a viable alternative to those having trouble with Google’s own mobile Analytics client.

Users can securely log in using the Android account client, bypassing the need to give the app their password. The app also supports multiple accounts and profiles, as well as allows access to data simply and intuitively. In addition, users can add a widget to their homescreen for instantaneous access to the information they need.

5. SEMTab SEO Pro

This affordable app is geared towards social signals, which have become integral to SEO. SEMTab SEO Pro gives users quick and easy access to their PageRank, Facebook shares, Twitter retweets, Alexa rank and Alexa inbound links, as well as backlinks on Google and Bing. The app supports multiple domains, which makes it perfectly tailored to be the resource to track social activity.

Using these five apps in conjunction with one another will give more power to the comprehensive tools the users need to monitor and improve their sites. How have these apps aided your SEO duties on the go? Are there other apps that are essential for your daily tasks? Let us know in the comments below.


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