The 5 Best Android Phones of March 2013

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Did you hear about the new Android phones that were released this year in March? If you have not, then you should definitely find out! These phones are a great hit and people are nuts over the new devices that are being released every single week. The Samsung Galaxy S4 of 2012 received a lot of talk, but this year people will not be able to buy it due to the fact that new devices have been launched for the convenience of the people.

It is quite difficult for people to select an Android phone because there are so many. They are too good to pick between. There are so many android phones that have been launched this year, but the top 5 Android phones of March 2013 are definitely one of the best.

1. Nexus 4

Nexus 4

Nexus 4 of LG has remained a great Android phone that is one of the best choices among the people. This phone is Google’s most present Nexus phone which gives Android faster updates and easier personalization. This phone is a great choice to pick. The unlocked model is great too because of its low cost.

Nexus 4 features Quad core processor, 4.7 inches big display, Extremely high pixel density screen, over 300ppi (318 ppi) High-resolution display (768 x 1280 pixels) ,High-resolution camera (8 megapixels), Very fast processor (1500 MHz) and Lots of RAM (2GB RAM).

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2


Rumors are going around that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be released later on this year, but for now Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is what has gotten the people so hyped up. This phone boasts of a 5.5 inch HD show. It uses a quad core processor and a RAM of 2GB which makes it equivalent to the other phones of 2013. It is available on 4G LTE networks too.

3. HTC One


This phone is HTC’s most recent and best phone which takes the place of HTC one X+ as the premier phone of HTC. This gadget is full of high-end hardware including a 4.7 inch HD 1080 p show with a quad core processor. There is a Ultrapixel camera that is of great quality.

HTC one features Quad core processor, 4.7 inches big display, Extremely high pixel density screen, over 300ppi (468 ppi) High-resolution display (1080 x 1920 pixels), Very fast processor (1700 MHz), 2GB Ram, Fast mobile data support (4G) and HDMI connector for TV-out (via microUSB).

4. Sony Xperia Z & Xperia ZL


Sony introduced its new phone at CES 2013. Sony launched Sony Xperia Z and the Sony Xperia ZL. These devices are Sony’s most recent and best phones. They are at the top of the list. The Sony Xperia Z has a 5 inch 1080p show. There is also a quad core processor along with a modern style made from glass. It even has a great quality camera of 13MP.

The Sony Xperia ZL is a compact model of Xperia Z. Though, it does not have the same water resistant and dust design.

5. Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD


The last but definitely not least on the list of top 5 Android phones is Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD. This phone is one of Motorola’s best phones which has a massive battery. This phone has a battery that is capable of lasting 21 hours of talk time. The camera of this phone is of high quality.

The price tag is also quite attractive. Don’t forget the durable design that this phone has and the modern look that it gives off!


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