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I was happy to see that Google AdWords added new options to their toolbox for marketing mobile applications. Google’s recent announcement of four new tools includes custom search ads, additions to their format to click-to-download, a mobile application extension for AdWords, and the capacity to view Google Play statistics in AdWords.

adwords mobile app extension

Additionally, Google now allows me to automatically market my mobile applications as specific downloads in Android Market, or in the iTunes App Store using AdWords. Part of the ad that I design will automatically have the text “Download” inserted.

It is clear that it is Google’s intention to help improve my marketing numbers by providing effective targeting options to consumers eager to use their smartphones to access the mobile web.

Mobile App Extension


As a way to enhance my marketing results for my mobile application, I can now easily set up a Google Mobile App extension for both the Android and iPhone market. By clicking on the ad’s extension tab located inside the Campaigns tab inside of AdWords tabs, I can quickly set up an extension.

Custom Search Ads

The mobile search feature allows developers to specify the target point (the carrier and device type) of where the ads should be placed, with options that include Android smartphones, Palm WebOS, and iPhone/iPod Touch.

Click to Download Ads

I always want to make it as easy as possible for my smartphone users to download their mobile applications. I can now easily do this by creating a Google click-to-download ad. Doing so allows the iPhone or Android smartphone user to quickly download my application by using iTunes, or the Android market, after they have clicked on my ad.

To ensure it is done properly, so it provides me full benefits at marketing my mobile app, I make sure that all mobile devices have been enabled to correctly accept click-to-download formats.

Targeting a Specific Audience

Because my clientele requires a designed mobile application specifically tailored to their business, it needs to be designed to be directed at a targeted audience of a specific gender or age range. Using Google AdWords, I am able to direct all the marketing funds specifically at individuals that are most likely interested in the services or products my clientele provides.

By reaching the best demographic market, I can achieve ideal results. Google AdWords allows me to customize the bids and ads, and refine the target audience, to achieve placing the ads in front of the right audience. Also read- Google adwords vs organic SEO.

For any developer in the business, it is essential to understand that mobile advertising will continue to evolve. To ensure that, Google AdWords works hard to help increase marketing results for mobile applications by offering various features with proven, effective returns on any company’s marketing investment.


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