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One of the reasons why flyers have become more common today has to do with the fact that they are easier to make. Unlike before when you needed a lot of money, nowadays anyone can learn how to make a flyer.

Using Computers to Create Flyers

It is perfectly possible to create a flyer from scratch or use one based on your own design. But that isn’t even necessary anymore. The reason is that many applications have templates for flyers, so you just need to download or open them in the program. Once the template is in place, adjust it as you see fit. When the flyer has been designed to your liking, you just need to print it out. Print as many copies as is necessary and you are ready to distribute them.

Of course it will take more than just a fancy application and printer to make a good flyer. You also need to make sure that the quality and design is just right. Here are some tips to help you out.

Headlines and Graphics

You need to start by making sure the headline grabs people’s attention. The secret lies in using words that will resonate with your potential customers like “easy”, how to, “the secrets to”, “new” etc. You don’t need to use all these terms and make a long headline. In fact it is much better if you just make a short headline and use one or more those words, assuming they are appropriate for whatever product or service you are trying to sell.

Just as vital as the headline is the graphic image or images you will be using. One of the mistakes that people usually make is that they use too many graphics and end up crowding the flyer, It is much better if you just use one large in your piece, as it will focus people’s attention on it.

More Tips

You do need to make sure though that the image or illustration ties in directly with your product and that it will support your marketing strategy. The colors you use are just as important, as they need to jive with the product and will create the right mood. This is very necessary and must be taken into consideration.

You can find a ton of free photos on the Net to suit your purpose or just take a snapshot of your own. Also, you need to emphasize the benefits that people reading the flyer will get from it. Just like the headline it must be short and straight to the point. Whenever you are promoting a product, try to back it up with some statements from people who have tried it or some kind of scientific study or highlight its ingredients.

The latter is especially important if the product you are selling has something to do with medicine. You also have to include your contact number, email, and other particulars. The more contact info you provide, the more it will become apparent to the reader that you want to be contacted and that you are not some fly by night operator.


It should be clear by now that while it is easy to learn how to make a flyer, you still need to take steps to make sure that the design is actually good. All of this takes patience but it will pay off.


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