Chime for Chrome : Get Notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Quora and more in one place

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During the day, we use a different web services like Gmail, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest etc. But for each of the service we need to login to their portal to get latest updates or notifications.


But what if we get one Notification center where we can get all web services notifications, no need to login to their portals. Something like what it offers on Android, or iOS, or Mountain Lion, in its latest version.

And because most notifications come from web services or webapps, it makes sense that this app is integrated into the browser, right?  This is exactly what Chime for Chrome gives us: Chime aggregates your notifications from across the web: facebook, reddit, gmail, flickr, and many more!


This is the most secure extension as there’s no server-side code, so all your data stays on your computer, where it belongs.  And it saves lot of time as no need to sign into all your sites again — using Chime is easy.

Services operated Chime, for now, are:

  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Flickr
  • Reddit
  • Foursquare
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • GitHub
  • StackOverflow

All we have to do is just setup the services that we plan to use, install the extension: Chime for Chrome and go!

The addon is very useful because, as we mentioned at the beginning, we obtain mimics the functionality in iOS / Android / Mountain Lion, but at the level of web services. Too bad they still do not include support for other mail services (like Outlook, for example), but for the services running at the moment, works flawlessly.

Download Chime for Chrome


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