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With the increasing number of bloggers and writers increasing online. It have been quite hard for bloggers like us to get the worthy things that we were getting earlier. The only solution to that problem is to somehow do better work than others. And if you have a tech blog, product review is what you can’t ignore.

Product Review

Almost all bloggers in all the tech niche’s write product reviews. That’s why i thought of giving you some important sauce to enhance your product review.  Here is the process which you follow to write  a product review that actually works.

Understand the Purpose

Most of the time bloggers just want to sell a product or they want to provide specs of the product. This isn’t bad. But, you are missing the whole meaning of review by miles. You should always remember that people  want to know something about the product when they look forward for a product review. They want: Pros and Cons, Is it worthy?, Does it even overcome the other alternatives?

Have what you review!

I know these are cold words. But, understand this, when you tell people about a product that you don’t even know. Its unfaithful. Totally……… I know that not all bloggers get to have the product. But, that’s what separates some bloggers from others.

The easiest way to get a product is to buy, but you can also go the company’s official site and ask them about letting you review their product. Things might change……… You just have to try.

Become an affiliate

I am not trying to confuse you! I told earlier that you must not try to sell the product. But, being an affiliate is a good thing. Your focus should not be on selling! That’s what i meant. Because, being an affiliate, you get discounts, more info about the product and much more. That helps your review.

Pros and Cons : Be honest

Most of the time when we write a paid review. Or write a review to create affiliate sales. We try to avoid all the cons of the product. That is not something hidden, everybody knows it. But there persists a problem why your reviews aren’t working that much you thought.

For example, i write about the Apple iPhone 5. A reader come to my site. Is he actually interested in the good things about the product. Not really, because, if he had. He would more simply go to Apple’s official site (they already boasts too much about their products).

So, next time you avoid writing cons, you are indirectly avoiding getting read!

Craft the Content Carefully!

Good product reviewers know that whatever you write isn’t perfect. It isn’t meant to be! All you need to do is just go through the article one more time. Reading it will make you better open to the tone of your writing. If your sense of writing is good or not. And you might get to make some really useful changes also!

Also, for reviews, be sure to include these:

  • Features: The core features in the product. Get as deep as you can!
  • Target Group: The product is most useful for ______. (Gamers, Professionals, students,etc.)
  • Core Benefit: Every product has something that others don’t. Please be sure to include that. Because it is important.
  • Practical Details: Tell them where you can get the product. Or which countries will it be launched in, first. And when?

Get other reviewers

If you do online business. You probably know that reviews matter. No matter if they are good or bad. If you get customer reviews for other readers to read on the same page. That’s a win-win. It will be more than needed to attract your reader. So try your luck and get some readers.

Be bold, Make a Personal statement

Its always important for a review to have your fingerprint(your personal opinion) on it. A reviewer isn’t a reviewer if he doesn’t make a personal statement. That’s true for any kind of product.  Its important and can’t be forgot.

If you do make a good ending statement. You can’t be easily forgot. Make your personal review of the product. What you like and what you don’t. All in one small paragraph(sometimes people get so emotional while writing their own opinions that nobody cares to read them).

So, thanks for reading and do the best product review. Because passion is the only difference in your reviews and others.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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