How to Know if a Website Uses WordPress?

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WordPress is the preferred CMS to create a blog, there are thousands of blogs/sites that are hosted on a WordPress platform and it is very easy to modify and has a lot of plugins that can be used for almost anything. Even Tricks Machine is also using the WordPress.

Is it WordPress

If you have ever seen a great site and wondered if it uses WordPress? Now there is a website named Is it WordPress, a website where by simply placing the URL will test and tell us if the website/blog is using WordPress.


How does Is it WordPress work?

The idea is very simple. They grab the front page HTML for the domain you entered and analyze it. Then they find out the generator head tag; if it’s not there then for the wp-content/themes/*/style.css pattern and if that fails they’ll check the readme.html file. Plus there are a couple more tricks, but all ‘n’ all nothing too complicated.

If you see the results, you can observe that, it’s even showing the version of the WordPress on website is. I thin this tool is really helpful to find out if a website is using WordPress for their blog/CMS.

So if you know a website that suspect uses WordPress then Wonder no more! Check with one click!

Visit Is It WordPress


Vishal Gaikar

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