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This article is all about Top home gadgets. As we all know that Gadgets became a part of human life. Technology has changed rapidly. Tech-gadgets are giving a new look to the home by enhancing the look and feel of the room. These intelligent tools not only simplify your tasks but can also save your time. Please find below the some of the most popular and top gadgets and their mini reviews;

1. Dualit Espressivo coffee maker

Dualit Espressivo coffee maker

It is a 15-bar coffee maker. Thermobloc tech delivery system handles ground coffee and espresso pods. This machine is made with gorgeous stainless steel and metal body that will attract everyone with its look. It gives a tasty coffee and you have the flexibility to set different coffee temperatures. It contains nozzle, where you can have an extra amount of coffee than espresso cup.

2. Rainbow projector LED night light

Rainbow projector LED night light

With this appliance you can project rainbow on the wall of the room. It is an amazing gadget with excellent features like High quality, enhances your room environment, coloured LED lights, battery power, automatic power off timer which saves energy. As it is a battery power supply you can use the device anytime and anywhere.

3. Stuv 30 compact

Stuv 30 compact

This is a kind of wood burning stove. It has a modern look which can complement your kitchen. Its features include a glass door; it is mounted to a turning plate which diffuses heat when required.

4. Open AV

Open AV

It is the advanced technology gadget. It controls your digital home environment, lighting, heating by using a web-platform. It is a power saving device which cuts your energy consumption by 50%. You can view videos which also act as a digital steaming gadget.

5. Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad

Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad

By purchasing this gadget you can enjoy two things at a single location. Slide your iPad into the case which transforms your kitchen into a mini hub. You can keep a track of your calendars, shopping lists, can watch TV and can find favourite recipes. It is mounted properly on the fridge surface which can be removed at any point of time.

6. idKitchen digital measuring spoon

idKitchen digital measuring spoon

By this home appliance you can accurately measure and weight any food ingredients. You can weigh powders, granules, gels and liquids. Now you can get rid of using those small spoons that doesn’t fit properly in your hands. It can measure up to 11 ounces.

7. Wicked laser torch

Wicked laser torch

This is the most suitable torch in case of emergencies. It can produce a radiation of 4100 Lumens. You can search even a tiny particles which this high frequency light. But it can withstand only for 5min.

8. Transparent TV

Transparent TV

It is an amazing technology product which comes with integrated conventional LCD and latest TOLED display. You can watch non-transparent movies; can play games with rich colours and bright background.

9. iQ alarm clock

iQ alarm clock

If you want to avoid snoozing alarms in the early morning then buy this intelligent alarm. You need to answer questions to solve your problem. This way it reminds about your work and you will surely get up early in the morning.

10.  Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Euphori Lock

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Euphori Lock

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Euphori Lock is a combination lock to keep other people out of your favorite pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. This lock makes sure that nobody can get to it except you. That said, if the only person after that pint of yummy goodness is you.

Which home gadgets do you use regularly? If you know more top home gadgets which are useful, then share with us and our readers via comments below.


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