Build Better Links with Streamlined Social Media Activity

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Most website owners tend to miss a crucial point that social media activity and SEO strategy should be streamlined together to build better links. Unless they join hands, witnessing significant changes in a website’s rank and reach is highly impossible.

Build Better Links

A few tweaks and some alterations could help one align them the right way to gain better visibility in search engine results.

Develop Quality Links With Social Media

Social media is the key to build quality links because the conventional methods are considered to be ineffective in modern times. Google introduced new algorithms Penguin and Panda which has now reduced links generated through article submission or comment linking.

But, instead, you have to focus on producing high quality, relevant content that a user might actually find informative. Google + is strongly associated with Google’s search engine results while Facebook pages, links are closely linked to Bing search results. Posting an article on Facebook and promoting it is considered much more dependable which is why you can rely on social media to produce results. Use it to your advantage.

Blogging Helps Big Time

Every company irrespective of the nature of their product or service should have a blog. The blogs are not only used to relate company news and updates but can also be considered as a way to gain backlinks for the company’s home page.

A blog should contain all links posted in the main website as well as links to the homepage in order to help users navigate with ease. Anyone will feel frustrated if it doesn’t link to the home page. It is considered useful by search engine bots as well. The blogs help as keyword focused content providing long term benefits.

Writing Content That Delivers

The content writing and blogging team should be streamlined to produce quality content that is focused towards being keyword specific yet should not be spam like. Articles and press releases are not the only way to go because a blogger of a company or an individual should establish a personal connection with the audience. Also Read about – Advantages of Content Optimization.

Only then, they feel inclined to visit the page and stay ahead with the updates. Make your replies look intelligent and encouraging so that visitors could feel welcome. Build links by extending a relationship with them all. A blog can strongly leverage your other SEO endeavors and is effective.

SEO and social media are now interlinked to one another. When one of them is used productively, the chances are high that the other automatically aligns itself to help get you better ROI. Always rely on quality content, constant blogging and better backlink building. A proper way will help your website reach the target audience. Help the respective teams work unified to see excellent results.


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