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Twitter banning the use of Animated Gifs profile pictures has created big ripples on the surface of social waters. For some people an animated avatar is a treasure, while it irritates some of them. Some are just neutral towards it without any expressions. Many Twitter users are expressing sadness, while some are thankful for this move.


For those who love animation, it was like seeing a loved one in the obituary column in a local newspaper. And for those who hate animated pictures, it was like the demise of Lucifer himself. Twitter hasn’t got a major facelift since it was launched in 2006 and the new interface promised them a bigger profile picture. This excited the users very much and when they were searching for cool animations, their excitement was shattered and turned into a completely unpleasant feeling after Twitter ordered the GIF images to stay put.

The result – tweets packed with emotions such as agony, wrath, contempt, gratitude, and joy are heard on many Twitter pages. As a part of the users are not pleased with the animated images, it has not become a major issue for Twitter. However, the question is will it have any effect on Twitter population? Just not being able to put up an animated image as your avatar isn’t a wise reason to quit Twitter. Some feel that the reason for this anti-animation policy could be the space that GIF pictures take up.

Twitter allows its users to have a profile picture of up to 700 KB. As GIF images often exceed this limit, Twitter might have decided to completely rule out the feature so that it can save space.

Although Twitter has not frozen the old animated images, the users are not allowed to upload new GIFs. All those fans who were in love with GIFs are now forced to propose a toast to the animated pictures or Animated Gifs. Some of them believe that there will be a virtual Rapture when Twitter will come back and revive the animated images that are resting in peace now. And some of them haven’t recovered from the shock and are still mourning the departure of their GIFs.


Your profile image tells the viewers who you are and an animated image doesn’t do much. I can’t see myself putting up an animated avatar. To me, it sounds weird to put flash on a page which will be read by the public. What needs their attention, your picture or the content? I vote for content. How about you? A picture does tell a story but when you can tell the story by yourself in the content, won’t a still picture complement it perfectly?

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I agree to the fact that it is quite fun to own an animated avatar but what difference does it make when it can’t move? Have you understood about a person just by seeing their animated avatar? It’s the tweets you send that are going to speak up for you and not the moving picture that sits in a corner of the page.

Though most of the Twitter fans want GIFs as their avatars, they have no other option other than to abide by its new policy. Let’s not miss the fun grieving for animated avatars. Every cloud has a silver lining and so it is for Twitter’s new announcement. Just observe for a few days and you will recognize that you aren’t missing anything else except a moving picture. And you will ask yourself, ‘Has there been so much fuss for this small change?’ Winners never quit, so I expect that tweeters will never quit, either.


Vishal Gaikar

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