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SEOQuake Review. While performing competitive researches, you should use a tool that gives you the most reliable results for the shortest time possible. Though there are a bunch of rather neat paid tools out there, chances are you’re not exactly ready to invest just now. If that’s the case, consider using SEOQuake. It’ll allow you to see the SEO values of your site and what is more important your competitors’.


Where It Came From

SEOQuake was originally developed as a Firefox add-on, but it also got Google Chrome and Safari versions after it got really obvious that the addon will take the world by storm. So, you can use it if you are on one of those browsers.

On a Personal Note

I personally use it on a daily basis but in combination with the SEOmoz toolbar, because when used in conjunction it allows you to get the most real and decent results about the SEO metrics of the site you use it for.

What You Get From It

The addon is capable of providing you with a slew of SEO metrics but it does not really make much sense to use all of its option all the time. I’m using the following SEO metrics day in and day out:

  • Google PageRank – sure thing it’s not the last resort in SEO evaluation but you still need to take the metrics into account while assessing a site;
  • Number of pages indexed by Google – the more pages are indexed by Google the better is the site;
  • The cached date of a page by Google – the more recent the date the more authoritative the site is for Google;
  • Number of links to this domain in Google;
  • Number of pages indexed by Yahoo;
  • Number of backlinks in the Yahoo index;
  • If the site appears in the Yahoo directory;
  • Number of pages indexed in Bing;
  • Wayback Machine internet archive records for a site;
  • Whether a robots.txt file is available;
  • Existence of an XML sitemap;
  • Number of internal and external links on the page.

Use in SERP

There’s a quite interesting way to use in a SERP. You can just search for the keyword in interest. For example, the one that you consider starting to rank for. Then you can just sort the resulted pages by PR, age, number of external links, etc. Thus you can get a general idea as for what sites rank for your keyword and how established those sites are.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that it’s a really decent tool for doing your competitive research, given that it’s even free! I do agree that it’s a very useful tool but I also find it more effective to use the add-on along with other SEO tools (such as the SEOmoz toolbar). Another advantage is that it’s compatible with most major browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari).

So guys, download SEOQuake and share your views with us via comments below.


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