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Do you believe that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can influence your site’s search rankings? This is a topic that has been debated for over a long period of time (Read more about it here), until after Google and Bing made it public that Tweets and Facebook shares and likes do impact search engine rankings.

Search engine traffic and social media traffic is what so many content developers have relied on for traffic to their write-ups, not knowing how both go line in line with each other. I’m certain if all bloggers knew about how social sharing influences the rankings of their content on search engines they’d have done more of social media sharing than they did.

But now that you’re fully aware that your social sharing has its influence on your rankings on search engine, what are the things you can do to leverage on this? This article will be sharing some tips about that with you.

Write Viral Articles

Viral articles are articles that are relevant, informative, well written and get a lot of mentions and shares on social media sites as a result. The secret to getting a lot of likes on Facebook and retweets on Twitter lies in writing articles that go viral. These articles do not only depend on SEO for traffic.

Where can you get the idea to write an article that will go viral?

To write an article that goes viral, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure the article is relevant and timely.
  • Link to other sources in your article (and tell them about it, so that they can share and like it on their social profile, which will kick start the viral effect.)
  • Use catchy headlines (such headlines are well edited.)

Share Your Articles on All Social Sites Known to You

There are over two hundred social media sites that are popular on the internet.  You are not expected to have your article shared on all of the social sites on the internet, but sharing it on as many as you know will do.

While working as a PR consultancy agent for an internet company, I noticed that there some apps and plugins that can help you get your content shared on almost hundred social media sites, like ShareThis and so on.

Use Google Plus

Of all social media sites on the internet, Google+ is more likely to bring more effect to your search engine rankings, compared to the others. If you have not been sharing your articles on Google+, then you are missing out on a lot of SEO benefits. Google now considers Google Plus a major factor in which content it displays first on its search results, and aside that the links shared on your Google Plus profile are dofollow. The number of people in your circle will also influence how well your content gets ranked on Google.


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