Is Microsoft’s New Surface tablet An Answer To The IPAD?

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Microsoft’s New Surface tablet An Answer To The IPAD? Microsoft is a company long known for its good standing in technology circles.  Once the most dominant player in the market for personal computers and applications, Microsoft has slowly lost some of its strength and has struggled in recent years to keep up with the new innovation and technology produced by its rival Apple.

Apple started its magical run with the iPod, but its move to traditional desktop computers, laptops, and tablets has eaten into Microsoft’s share of the market. Microsoft has tried to respond to Apple’s technology on different occasions, and the most recent has resulted in a new Microsoft tablet called Surface tablet.

Microsoft’s Surface tablet Specifications :

The Surface tablet will come in two forms. The first runs on Windows RT, and will have a similar computer chip to that of most tablets on the market. This version of the tablet will come with a keyboard that is also used as a tablet cover. Some investors and executives believe that the keyboard is a key component that, along with lower pricing, will help Microsoft stay competitive with the iPad.

The second version of the Surface tablet is slimmer and more lightweight than the first. It also runs on Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8 Pro.  This is the version of the tablet that most onlookers believe Microsoft intends to pit head to head against the iPad.  With a similar build and Windows orientated features, it will certainly attract some traditional PC users.

However, there is some concern that having two separate versions of the same product will confuse consumers. While Apple’s approach to iPads is to sell them based on only color or storage capacity—Microsoft’s approach is giving consumers two choices that have significant differences.


Shares of Microsoft stock increased by 3.7 percent, rising to a price of $30.95 after the Surface tablet were announced. There is certainly a sense of anticipation in the technology industry to see what new features that Microsoft can incorporate into a tablet. But with the pricing and other details not yet made public, speculators are having a hard time seeing the Surface compete with the iPad on an even level.

Apple already has a stranglehold on the market for tablets, and other tablet makers such as Google and Samsung Electronics are expected to initially outpace Microsoft. But if Microsoft can compete with pricing, and improves on applications or features that are not present in the iPad, Microsoft might be taking a step in the right direction. So what you think about this microsoft’s new Surface tablet? Share your views with us via comments below.


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