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Facebook has created a revolution by which we connect and share with people in our lives. Those days writing letters was a medium to connect with people across the globe. Short messages took over emails and now with Facebook it is just enough if you “Like”. All of us eagerly await Likes and Comments when we add a status update, or a recent photo or a favorite video. “Like” in a way represents a person’s support.

When people enjoy reading your status, see a photo or find an interesting comment, they tend to click “Like”. When we don’t get them it is disappointing and the post looks lonely. In this article, I have shared some of the ways in which you can increase the Facebook likes and comments on Facebook.

A majority of people “Like” wall posts, photos and comments over videos and Facebook pages.  With “Like” people convey to their friends about a particular brand, get updates on the brand, avail discounts on a brand’s offerings.

What’s the right time to post

A lot of surveys tells that people open and check their Facebook accounts before they start their office work or before going to bed at night. People find more responses at U.S. Time. Get to know the people whom you are going to target and post during those times.

Photos-a major contributor

Adding a photo and inviting “Facebook Likes” is a quick way to get likes and comments. People tend to admire the photo location or add a comment on the people in the photo compared to status update or a video.


When you tag your friends on photos or statuses, you have a chance to get Facebook likes and comments from friends of your friends.

Prompt to like and comment

To grab the attention of  your friends and visitors, prompt them to like your post or add a comment . Try a post saying “Click like if you think…” To get comments, ask a question or say, “Tell me in the comments below…” followed by whatever you want to know. Quick questions something like a teaser bring in good amount of Facebook likes and comments.

Add Facebook likes and comments on the activities of others

When you like and add comments on your friends posts, they would like to check out your pages and posts. If you have been a regular visitor and liked their posts, they would also tend to return the favor for your posts. An another easy way to increase Facebook likes and comments.

Rewards for Facebook Likes

Similar to companies which give an offer to people who add a like, you can also offer discount coupons or freebies to visitors who like your Facebook page.

Use Business Cards

Make a mention about your presence in Facebook (like us on Facebook) on your business card and ask people to join your Facebook page. From search engine point of view, Facebook can drive a lot of traffic when your pages get liked, which in turn can generate back links and provide behavioral data, which is supposedly becoming more of an important ranking factor.

Likes via Email

Send emails with “Like us on Facebook” in your employee’s email signatures to get Facebook likes to your Facebook page.

Hope this post is useful to you all. Some of us would have tried different methods to gain more likes but I guess I have encouraged you to try one or two methods mentioned in this article.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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