Opera Software Officially Launched Opera TV Store

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Opera Software officially launched Opera TV Store, A solution that is a complete HTML5 based store solution for easy implementation into connected TVs by OEMs and easily reached by developers and content providers. During the IFA2011, is showed a preview of this platform, But its official launch has made at CES in Las Vegas. From now on, manufacturers, developers and content providers can take advantage of this platform.

With the Opera TV Store, developers can reach a large, installed base of compatible TVs and devices, using fast and easy tools to develop all kinds of apps. Movie trailer apps, Video on Demand apps, games, news apps, vodcast and podcast apps are now easy to develop and deliver to customers for developers using the Opera TV Store.

It’s is optimized for HD Ready screen (720p) and standard remote controls. On the other hand, the store features a selection of web applications optimized for television, including Facebook and Vimeo.

“Applications are something that can no longer missing from TV’s,” said Frode Hernes, VP Products, TV and Connected Devices, Opera Software. “With this TV Store, developers can easily build interesting and useful applications for millions of viewers around the world. And once again, Opera takes responsibility for applications for different devices, bringing gaming applications, news, video, and audio to your TV, set-top boxes and Blu-ray, ” he said.

“Traditionally, the TV has been pretty static as a device. The era when you had to buy more expensive equipment to get new functions in the TV is over,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “New approaches to TV software, such as the Opera TV Store, makes it easier for OEMs to implement smarter functions on connected TVs and content providers to reach a wider audience with their HTML5 apps.”

The tools to create and test applications are Opera TV emulator and the Opera Dragonfly. The development information can be found at official site.

This is an important step for Opera since the trend this year seems to focus on platforms and applications for connected TVs.

Opera Press Releases for Opera TV Store


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