Smartphones Are for Anytime, Although Maybe Not Dinnertime

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Smartphone is an obsession that’s on the rise in the 21st century. Many people are enjoying exploring their smartphones and if you are using your smartphone even in the washroom or on dinner table without any specific reason, it’s time to believe that you are a smartphone addict. Smartphone technology is advancing at an alarming rate and most of us are exposed to the media applications and instant mobile broadband access involved with the evolution of smartphones. Smartphones are for anytime but not for all the time in your life.

Signs of Smartphones Addiction

Being addicted to an electronic device like a smartphone is not silly since it’s the smartphone that gets you connected to the entire world out there. See what you want and its right up there in your smartphone. Here are some of the things smartphones addict usually do –

  • Are you staying up too late with your smartphone even when you wish to go to bed? If yes, then you are a smartphone addict.
  • If you are fond of using your smartphone even when you are with family and friends it’s alarming. If you are checking your smartphone every now and then and can’t control this activity then you are an addict. Your smartphone addiction affects your social behavior and the way you react in public.
  • If your smartphone addiction is driving you to the chance of attempting an unfortunate accident, it’s clear that unknowingly you value your smartphone more than your safety.

Smartphone Addiction: Survey Speak

  • 81% of smartphone users have their mobile phone switched on all of the time even when they are in bed or in bathrooms
  • 38% or 4 out of ten adults and teens have admitted that they woke up using their smartphone
  • 51% of adults and 65% percent of teens use their smartphone when present in a social circle
  • 23% of adults and 34% teens use their smartphones while taking meals
  • 22% of adults and 47% of teens can’t help attending/ answering their smartphone in the toilet

If you agree on similar activities in your life then you can turn into a huge smartphone addict in the near future. Beware!

How to get over the Smartphone Addiction?

  • Set the Priority: If you want to get over the smartphone addiction it’s high time you need to set up your priority. If your smartphone makes a sound, the first thing you do it to attend it immediately in whatever situation you are. You need to realize that your world won’t end if you don’t do that on an urgent basis always.
  • Boycott Smartphone: Boycott your smartphone for considerable amount of time. Switch from one device to another or spend time with family and friends. This seems a daunting task but boycotting addiction is never easy! Turn them off and this will also give you some time to recharge their batteries after its constant use.
  • Set a limit: If you have realized that you are a smartphone addict, you must set limits for its use in order to prevent its “over-use”.

Smartphone addiction can result into dire consequences like meeting an accident and ruining your personal or social life. Smartphones addiction over dinner table and bathrooms can be relatively new since they are not understood easily. Make sure your “checking habit” is not becoming your addiction!


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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