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PicsLikeThat Lets You Search Images By Picture Similarity. PicsLikeThat is the web app which let you search images by combining a keyword search with a visual similarity search and semi-automatically learned inter-image relationships. If you are searching some images on Google with the Normal keywords that appear many results that have the name in its title or the article which are linked but PicsLikeThat is totally different service.

As per PicsLikeThat official blog

Normal keyword image search systems display sets of 20 to 50 images on separate web pages. Performance is drastically affected when searching for images with particular attributes, because both the semantic relationships between them and the user’s intention are unknown to the search system. Homonyms and incorrectly assigned keywords are yet another problem. Usually people do not look at more than 2 or 3 result pages. Due to the visual sorting PicsLikeThat can show several hundred images allowing easy inspection.

PicsLikeThat is the result of a cooperation between the HTW Berlin, pixolution and fotolia. PicsLikeThat uses images from fotolia delivered by the fotolia API. Minor Parts of PicsLikeThat are based on the past pixolu project.

In these cases it is better to use a search engine as PicsLikeThat , which takes a key word in any language you throw and gives you an enormous amount of results in small catches organized by the colors and images is still allowing them to refine more, depending on what you need. To begin choose the language in which you seek, then write the word (like “flowers”, for example) and you will get a lot of pictures related to the search, organized by color. You will see all the green on one side, like the red and the other way.

If you want to search even more and you want something green, then click on an image you feel that is close to what you want. To zoom in and see it’s better and also you must click to decide if you want more like this or download what you’ve already got. This way you can be more specific with pictures you really need for your personal use.

So guys, I can say that PicsLikeThat is really a nice website for searching similar images and it is different from other similar image search engines.

Website : PicsLikeThat


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