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There are several dock style applications available for the Windows. In fact, there are some very popular apps which have not added anything new in recent years. I know some of the best which are RocketDock, ObjectDock and Y’z Dock, a little more unknown. But today I will present one of the best dock available for Windows is Multibar. Multibar helps you organize your programs, files and folders. It allows you to find the information you need in a blink of an eye either over the internet or on your PC.


Multibar arranges all commonly used files and programs in a convenient and easy-to-use way. Multibar is smart, secure and upgraded with new perks every week. It has a great To-Do list to keep your tasks organized, dynamic folders and an amazing interface developed in the galaxy not so far away. Sleek, eye-catching and very gentle.

Multibar Features :

  • Immediately launches programs and files in your computer.
  • Search for files or anything with keywords.
  • Weather information for your city or more you want to add.
  • It automatically hides when you do not bother doing other things.
  • Drag any icon to add it, regardless of whether an application or file.
  • Displays notifications where possible. For example, if you have Skype installed you will notice that if you have one or more unread messages
  • Various skins available for the background.
  • Install additional plugins to view pictures, weather, music and video player, download manager, planner, and more.

You have to just install it, drag and drop icons on it and it is ready to go. While multibar is opened you can type and get results displayed on your screen immediately. Just hold a cursor on an icon for a second and you will get a recently used files list for that application.

Multibar is very simple to use,so guys download it from the following link.

Download Multibar


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