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When it comes to sharing large files over the internet, size does matter. With most  providers limiting file attachments to 25MB or less, trying to send a large file via email is  analogous to attempting to negotiate a McDonald’s drive-thru with a semi. Fortunately, those who have large documents, multimedia files, presentations, or other data hefty files can now easily and seamlessly upload and share them online with Adobe SendNow.

Here’s a look at 7 solid features that make Adobe SendNow a smart choice for all your file sending, sharing, and tracking needs.

1. Send large files easily using multiple formats:

Adobe SendNow allows you to send large files of up to 2GB in several different formats, including CAD and ZIP formats, Adobe Creative Suite file formats, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

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And thanks to a recent upgrade, you can now send audio and video files in a host of file types, including but not limited to: MP2, MPG, MP4, and WAV for music files, and MOV, AVI, and WMV formats for video files. Just upload your file to a secure server and SendNow takes it from there, including notifying the intended recipient that the file is ready to be downloaded. To download the file they simply click on a link within the notification email.

2. Choose your platform:

While other file sharing services require you to choose between web-based or desktop platforms, Adobe SendNow gives you both if so desired.  Along with being just as easy to use as the cloud-based version, SendNow’s new desktop app makes sending large files even more convenient.With the desktop version there’s no need to open a browser window each time you need to send a file.

Simply keep the desktop app running in the background and send files whenever you want. Another benefit that makes file sending even easier—found only on the desktop app—is the convenient and click-friendly drag and drop feature. No more wasted time hunting for the file you want to send. Just grab it when it’s in front of you, drag it, and drop it into the Adobe SendNow application.

3. Build your brand:

If you’re going to be sending large files anyway, why not build your brand in the process? SendNow supports branding by allowing its paid subscribers to brand all correspondence with their personal or corporate logo. With a simple onetime upload of your logo to your Adobe SendNow account, you now have an effective and professional tool to let all your recipients know that those large files are from you.

Once recipients see your logo and branding on the notification email and download pages, they’ll know that they can open the file with confidence. And through personal branding, you have more control over the overall impression you create, ensuring that the file viewing experience reflects your own unique style in a positive and professional way.

4. Track and manage files after transfer

With SendNow you get prompt delivery confirmation for files sent in Real Time. In addition, you’ll receive notification emails whenever one of your files is downloaded by the recipient. And with iPhone and Android apps, you can track, view, and manage files on the go for increased productivity.

5. Adobe SendNow Security:

Files sent to designated recipients via SendNow are stored on Adobe’s secure servers which utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for both server authentication and data encryption. State-of-the-art firewalls, intrusion detection systems and proprietary protocols are also utilized to keep your information safe.

In addition, users can implement file specific security measures such as setting time limits for file downloading or restricting file access to specific individuals through the use permissions.

6. Support:

As a member of the family of services, SendNow offers several support options to all users, including online product help, moderated forums, and knowledge-based articles. Paid subscribers have the additional option of contacting support through chat or phone.

7. Cost-effective file sharing:

Starting with a free SendNow trial in which 1 file of up to 100mb in size may be sent with a 7-day download expiration, Adobe offers a Basic subscription package for $9.99/month and a Plus plan for $15.83/month. Both plans allow for multiple files per transaction with a max file size of 2GB, and they both include email return receipt, detailed tracking, and personal branding.

In terms of file storage, the Basic plan provides 5GB of storage space, while the Plus plan provides 20GB. For a more detailed price comparison of Adobe SendNow go to pricing page.


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