Is Facebook Causing Us Too Much Stress?

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We already live in a stressful world, but many people are finding that social networking sites like Facebook are just making the stress even worse.  We have all heard that ignorance is bliss, but Facebook has allowed us to share information, pictures, and videos faster and easier than ever before.

We are no longer ignorant, and we know each other’s business better than we did 10 years ago.  But is this “drama” that can be found all over Facebook leading to more stress in our lives?


Since practically every one we know has a Facebook account it’s hard to avoid information about people, even if it’s information that we wish we didn’t have to know.  And since this information travels so quickly through these social channels, once we say something it can be very hard to take it back after all the damage has already been done.

Since we know more about our friend’s personal lives than ever before, it also causes people to talk about these personal details.  And it’s always those trivial facts that can cause the most trouble and sometimes the most stress.


So what are people stressing out about?  Sometimes it’s a relationship that has been put under stress through the channels of Facebook, and sometimes it’s just people being mean that has caused panic attacks.

Because we are hiding behind a computer we somehow feel more at liberty to say things to or about someone that we would never say to their face.  This open rudeness has caused a lot of fractures in friendships and has invited more stress into our lives.

And the site has been especially tough on breakups.  An 18 year old reportedly experience asthma attacks after his girlfriend broke up with him, and he saw her pictures on Facebook.  And with everyone so connected, rumors and gossip about these situations just seem to make matters worse.

Recently, a law firm reported that 20% of their divorce cases cited Facebook.  The social networking site has been used by disgruntled spouses to get back at their mates or to use it for more risky behavior.  And since all of this data is there for the taking, it has also aided in the expedience of many divorces around the world.

But is it really Facebook’s fault?  After all, it’s just a tool by which people can communicate more easily.  The real issue seems to reside in the common decency that people use to have for each other.

No one is forcing us to use Facebook and to have an account, even though if you don’t have an account your friends might do everything they can to convince you that you need one.  And for those who find that the social networking site is just bringing too much stress, it might be time to step away from the site for a while and enjoy some “real” interaction with friends who care about you.

It might be fun to catch up with people and see what the latest buzz is, but not at the cost of losing your sanity or at the least, your peace of mind.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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