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The release of Google’s Chromebook series running Chrome OS has a lot of people thinking and talking about the cloud. Even if a browser-only operating system might not be in your immediate future plans, the idea of being able to perform certain tasks online is certainly appealing, especially when you are on the go with your notebook, netbook, phone, or tablet.

This list of online image editors covers a good range of image-editing types, including raster graphics, vector graphics, and photos. Some of the editors require Flash player, while others only need HTML.

1. Editor by pixlr.com

Why come up with a complicated name for something so simple? Perhaps that is what the people at pixlr.com decided when they created their product. Simply called Editor, this Flash-based tool includes useful features like layers, gradients, color replacing, and blurring. You can save images to your computer or to a number of online image sites, such as Flickr.

2. Aviary – Phoenix, Raven

Aviary actually has a suite of various image-editing products, including Phoenix, its raster image editor, and Raven, a vector graphics editor. It also has a simple photo touch-up tool, and some of the tools are available in HTML5 for those who cannot or prefer not to use Flash. With Aviary you can actually save your work online.

3. DrPic

Great for photo editing and touch-ups, DrPic also has some painting capabilities. With features like Crop, Auto Fix, and Sharpen, it is both powerful and easy to use. This tool uses HTML rather than Flash and allows you to save work to your computer or allow DrPic to host the image on the web for you.

4. Sketchpad

From Mugtug comes Sketchpad, a rather slick-looking HTML image editor that makes painting online a cinch. Pick a gradient, pattern, or even a swatch, and go to work. It has brush and pencil settings and other tweaking features you would expect from a desktop painting app. Rather than provide a normal save feature, Sketchpad outputs your creation to a temporary URL with an image you can then right click and save as you normally would.

5. CloudCanvas

CloudCanvas is an HTML-only vector image editor that looks and feels like many of the popular desktop programs, with similar functionality. It offers a wide range of preset shapes, from squares to smiley faces. Add text, change line and fill colors, and even do some vector painting with this quick interface. You can save your CloudCanvas creations directly to your Google account (Picasa or Google Docs). Alternatively, you can export a PNG image and save that. It allows you to login to your Google account directly from the site, perfect for those using Chrome.

6. SVG-Edit Images

If you are the type who is weary of using cloud apps served up by faceless companies but who still wants the functionality of a good cloud editor, SVG-Edit might be just what you need. With SVG-Edit, you can host your own image editor right on your website. It uses HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and SVG, all functions of modern browsers. According to web server experts at 34SP.com, that means you do not need any particular server software to get it up and running.

SVG-Edit is free and open source, so you can feel free to download it, modify it, and share it with the world. It has all the standard features of a vector image editor, and you can even download it and run it locally inside your browser. Best of all, the whole thing only takes up 2 MB of space. Can you tell I am a little biased?

These six editors represent a growing number of image editors and other quality web apps you can find online. What is your favorite online image editor?


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