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Now you can share and listen all your favorites songs with your twitter followers with Twusic. This is the new and very cool way for people to share and listen all their favorites songs throught their social network just by tweeting the song and artist name they like. With Twusic, you create your own radio from your tweets or those of your friends.


As per official website :

Twusic already catch more than 50,000 unique tracks shared on Twitter by 45,000 users and find now more than 7,000 new tracks per day. As you build your Timeline on Twitter, build on Twusic your musicline and create your radio station, yes, you are the DJ of your life ! Share your music flavors and discover how your friends could have amazing music taste.

The interface is very convenient. If you use #nowplaying hashtag, all your tweets will listed and easily accessible. You can also see and hear what your friends have shared and also you can create playlists, your own radio stations, you can see follow and be followed by friends.

With Twusic you can

1. Tweet your favorite track on Twitter with the #nowplaying hashtag.
2. Register with Twusic with your twitter account.
3. Listen and share unlimited music from you and your friends for free.

Twusic go even more far than just being a Twitter, YouTube mashup by implementing a real song profile for each track shared on Twitter. Also check the video representation of Twusic.

By using a dedicated engine, Twusic is able to find informations about the artist, his tour date and even who play it on Twitter .

Twitter + Music = Twusic


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