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Viewsonic plans to release at the end of this month ViewBook 730, a new 7-in screen Android tablet that will allow users to enjoy a wide range of multimedia content on the go. Targeting consumers who want a versatile eReader, ViewBook 730 will be at $249.99 one of the most affordable gadgets in its class. Viewsonic’s upcoming product is likely to compete with or at least reduce the market share of the popular Nook Color.

ViewBook 730 is intended to be an accessible tablet for users who like to stay connected at all times and enjoy media content wherever they are.

On the technical side, ViewBook 730 operates Android 2.2 and boasts a capable ARM 1Ghz CPU, 8Gb memory, a VGA camera for video chat on the go, and a stylus that those used to HTC Flyer will recognize right away. In addition, it supports a microSD card, enabling users to add up 32 GB of extra memory. It is capable of 1080 playback through its HDMI port.

When it comes to pre-installed software, ViewBook does not disappoint. ViewSonic seems to have taken pains to install a wide range of popular applications that users can access right out of the box. Some of the most notable apps include Amazon Appstore, Twitter, YouTube, and Mediafly. In addition, it also comes with Adobe Flash 10 pre-installed as well as Amazon’s app for downloading mp3s.

Viewsonic’s new table comes in a 7-in form factor and has Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi support. The backlit screen, which has been particularly designed to make writing with a pen as convenient as possible, has a 800×480 resolution. It guarantees that users can highlight excerpts within a text as well as take notes with ease. What’s more, ViewBook 730 comes with Sketcher pre-installed, an applications which enables users to create and modify various types of graphic files.

Viewsonic expects ViewBook 730 to compete with Nook Color. For this purpose, the new device has pre-installed the Amazon Kindle application for eBook reading. However, it remains to be seen whether the reading experience will compare to that provided by a traditional eBook reader. The tablet also comes with RiteTouch, which makes it relatively easy to browse the device with the stylus. Viewsonic promises that scrolling through emails will be particularly smooth.

Finally, ViewBook 730 is powered by a battery that lasts for as much as 8 hours on a single charge. This makes it a useful gadget in a variety of circumstances, including short trips.

The gadget looks like a tablet that will interest anyone who wants a low-cost gadget that can run a variety of multimedia content on the go. It looks good on the software as well as on the technical side, it is multi-purpose, and relatively cheap compared to similar offerings that are currently available on the market. Although the slogan “changing the face of tablets” which Viewsonic daringly appends to its upcoming product is farfetched, Viewbook 730 is promising and definitely worth checking out by all gadget enthusiasts.


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