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If you’re wondering how you can make more money off social media, you have come to the right place. This article aims to break down the hottest trends in making money via Facebook & Twitter.

There has been some serious buzz about PPC campaigns on Facebook & Twitter and these sites hold a huge advantage over Search PPC because of they have private information about their users. This allows you to target your audience extremely well, not to mention the huge size of their audiences.

1. Facebook Advertising (Facebook Advertising Guidelines)

Facebook appears to be the most relevant for Business-to-Client marketing, because it’s the most-visited site on the web, with an audience of 400+ million active users till date. Also, you have the Facebook targeting tool to accurately access the demographics anywhere on the planet or you can narrow your search by age, gender, relationship status, location and more.

The PPC ads appear on the right of the Facebook pages and can be very profitable because of the images included in the ads. It’s been proven that images positively affect click-through-rate, plus Facebook PPC ads are extremely well targeted content ads and not search ads.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have quality indicators like Google AdWords to determine your campaign performance, but there is some sort of an account trust system based on user feedback. They allow users to “x-out” ads that don’t appeal to them and improving this metric can really help with the efficiency of running campaigns on Facebook.

2. Twitter Ad Platform

Every day thousands of new people join Twitter and the estimated number of users is about 5 million. That’s a lot of opportunity and an ongoing stream of communication. In many ways, it’s like Digg Ads, as both allow user interaction with the ads in order to set the cost and life of certain ads.

Although still in testing and available for selected VIP brands, Twitter has now launched their long awaited ad platform. Here are the options available:

  1. Promoted Tweets – This allows you to display a special offer or a link whenever a user types a specific keyword into the Twitter search box.
  2. Promoted Trends – Especially geared at big advertisers, this allows companies to be shown on hashtags. The name of the sponsor appears at the top of the sponsored trends on the Twitter interface.
  3. Promoted Accounts – It’s where you can actually buy followers, by having Twitter recommending that certain people follow you based on searched keywords.

Deliver relevant keyword-rich posts & tweets

Wherever possible, write keyword rich posts / tweets and take advantage of any buzz words by carefully choosing the words to convey your message. Keep in mind, updating your status and tweeting every 2 minutes may work when you’re live blogging from an event that your audience can’t attend, but otherwise this is incredibly annoying.

Bottom line, for anyone looking to expand beyond search campaigns, Facebook & Twitter are a must!


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