Top Celebrities On Twitter And Why People Love Spying On Them

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Top Celebrities On Twitter. There are many top celebrities that have joined Twitter nowadays and whether this is because they find it interesting, want another way to rip people off or just want to talk to their fans you will find that people follow them in their thousands and even millions. Here are some of the top celebs on Twitter and reasons why they are just so popular!


He joined Twitter back in early March and gained 2.1 million followers in a week. What people really want to know is what makes him so interesting, why are these (now 3.6) millions of people interested in what a complete nutcase is telling them?

That’s just it, people are waiting to see what crazy antics the guy gets up to next and the best place to find this out is from Sheen himself, makes sense right? Of course there is always some sense made out of madness and the same can be said from Charlie Sheen.


With nearly 10 million followers on Twitter it is safe to say that Lady Gaga is the leading lady when it comes to social media. The reasons why people are following young Stefani Germanotta aren’t too dissimilar to Charlie Sheen, she certainly has the same amount of crazy!

On top of this she almost has a cult following by her fans that are known as “monsters” with Gaga being the mother monster. The key thing to remember is that millions love her music, millions love her fashion and millions love her personality and freewill. Add all of these millions together and you have nearly 10 million followers!


President Obama revolutionized the way that campaigners for Presidency went about gaining votes by creating the very first successful Presidency social campaign that actually enabled him to win the election. With nearly 7.5 million followers the President can now quickly put out thoughts and proposals to people with ease.

The reason people are of course following Obama is because he is the President but you will find that through clever marketing techniques he was able to gain millions before this was even secured!

Of course there are many other celebrities out there with millions of followers ranging from Ellen DeGeneres and Ashton Kutcher to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Every celebrity have both reasons for and against following and you need to decide which ones (if any) are the right ones for you to follow


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