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Everybody like to stay updated on weather forecast news. And with the help of the Internet you can quickly gather an up-to-date weather forecast for anywhere on Earth, and the iPhone has brought this directly into the palm of your hand. It’s always helpful to check the weather for your area for a variety of reasons. I have compiled a list of  Top 5 free weather apps for you. Have a look;

Weather Apps for iPhone

1. The Weather Channel

Sometimes watching The Weather Channel on your television can take a toll on your mind. The annoying anchors and constantly waiting for your city’s information to come up on the screen. With The Weather Channel app on your iPhone, you can access more data and statistics than ever before. The Weather Channel is currently leading the top position in weather apps.

From full screen maps to extended forecasts and severe weather alerts you can plan ahead and for the present. By plugging in your home address as your set location, there is no need to look up any position you will be taken straight to the most frequently requested location.


Do you think finding out the weather for over two weeks from right now is impossible? Not with AccuWeather. This tool has all of the information you must have on any spot in the world. Enjoy watching forecast videos and animated radar and satellite images. Remain up to date on severe weather alerts in your area, while uncovering the type of lifestyle your weather is indicating for you and the others around you.

15 is a popular number for this app  You are provided with 15 days of local forecasts, more detailed weather information on the next 15 hours, and you are able to save as many as 15 locations. Find out not only your own current weather forecast, but your family and friends as well.

3. Outside – Visual Weather Forecast

If you are not already familiar with this next weather app, then you are in for a real treat. If you are trapped in the jail cell that is your office and you are looking for how the weather is outside so you can dress appropriately for lunch, “Outside” brings together the current weather and forecasts of your current location.

With this fun app, you have your window to look out of. Outside gives accurate visual images of what the weather is outdoors. You are not only able to see the current weather outside, but also in the days ahead. Numbers can be confusing visual images can give you a picture of what exactly the weather is going to look like.

4. The Snow Report (by The North Face)

If you are preparing for your next voyage to the slops, do not forget to pack The Snow Report app. With it, you will be able to follow your adventure. Make others jealous by putting up photos online with Facebook. Without hinting down papers with the days snow conditions and maps of the mountains trails, know your resort with The Snow Report.

Find out what the expected snowfall is for the next three days. If you get lost, review a trail map to help you find your way home. As this app is brought to you by The North Face, if you forgot to pack any articles of clothing, look to this app for North Face store locations in your area.

5. Thermometer Nice and Easy

The Thermometer app literally turns your iPhone into a thermometer, allowing you to carry it around where ever you go without worries of mercury spill. The simple readings of temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius can sometimes be all you need.

Where other weather apps take time finding your iPhone, this thermometer can let you know the outside temperature at your present location. Get information fast, get the Thermometer.


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