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Especially when writing an article on my blog, several times I need to copy the URL of the apps, web pages or some projexts . Normally I use Ctrl + l to go directly to the address bar and then ctrl + c to copy the selected URL. Copy Fixer is the small addon for Firefox and Google Chrome, which is to simplify this steps.

This is the really simple extension to change ‘copy’ keyborad shortcut action.  Ctrl-C (or Command-C) copy the page title and URL when select nothing.  When you selecting something, or an input field has forcus, Copy Fixer does nothing.  It doesn’t change the original function.  If you want to make sure that Copy Fixer copy title and URL, please click somewhere background and press Ctrl-C.

As I already mentioned, Copy Fixer is the very helpful extension for me especially when writing articles , because the manual changing of the address bar does not apply in.  I hope this will help you too. Give it a try and share your feedback here.

Copy Fixer : Firefox Add-on | Chrome Extension


Vishal Gaikar

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