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Vidque is online video sharing site which classify and rank the videos and especially the most recent and most interesting. This site is responsible for sorting and displaying the best videos from sources like youtube, vimeo, and TED.

As we all know that it’s sometimes really difficult to find a suitable and interesting video on video sharing services like YouTube or Vimeo. But with the help of Vidque you can watch the best videos from the web.

As per official Site ::

VidQue enables users to save and share videos to their own custom pages with a single click, while helping them follow what their friends and peers are watching. Video discovery is simplified by allowing users to watch videos using their personal “Video Feed”, a listing of the latest videos saved by the users they follow.

You can easily locate  the videos categorized by genre, including: design, documentary, film, comedy, sports and so on. Also sort them by popularity or novelty.

After watching the video you can share the links on social networking services like Twitter and Facebook. So head to the official site of Vidque and let us know if you find this service interesting. If you know some other sites with the same genre then feel free to leave a little comment!


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