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Translate Tweets with the 5 following tools. Twitter is one of the popular social web service operated around the world. Largest number of users using twitter now days. You might follow many twitter users which tweet in their own language. All people not always tweet in English. So what if you don’t want to miss any Twitter top tweets from peoples you are following.Don’t worry, I am sharing here 5 tools for Translate Tweets.

1. Tweetrans

You can Translate your Twitter Status into over 40 different languages at TweeTrans.com.  This is the TwitterBot,  to use it just send a reply to @tweetrans using the format:  @tweetrans 2en your message here Where “2en” is the code for the language you want to translate to (en = English). After that, add a space and enter your message. The message can consist of a word, a phrase, or a sentence.

2. LiveTranslate

LiveTranslate will help you to post your twitter  status update directly to your blog in any language from any language. This is totally free live translation service for Twitter Status Updates.


Twenglish is Twitter Translator. Just visit this site and simply type your tweet in text box and twenglish will translate your tweet for you.

4. Social Translate

Social Translate is the Google Chrome extension. The Social Translate chrome extension automatically translates event streams and friends’ comments on social network sites.  A user selects a primary language in the Options settings panel.  Then when the user visits a social network site such as Facebook or Twitter, the Social Translate extension will use Google Translate to detect the language of the event stream (or comments) and then translate the text to the user’s primary language.

5. Translate Tweets

Tweet Translate translate tweets automatically into over 40 languages. They provide a quick easy and automatic tool to post foreign language Funny tweets.

I hope all above tool will help you to tweet more effectively and you will know the actual Meaning of Tweet. If you are some other tools other than this then let us know via comments. Thanks!!


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