Recycling Your Mobile Is a Con: Fact or Fiction

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There are those among us who have been less than impressed by the recent innovations within the mobile phone industry in particular, the industry has placed huge emphasis on the recycling of old mobile phones. Many consumers have been very skeptical about the proceedings, on the basis that it is a tactic designed solely to benefit the mobile companies as they are able to create additional stock at a fraction of the price and furthermor. i

It enables them to gain access to government based funding and tax breaks. Does this mean that recycling your mobile phone is a con, because the company recycling gets a bigger benefit than the recycler?

However the fact remains that recycling you phone is much better than just throwing it away or leaving it in your desk drawer to collect dust and grow older with less value. Recycling now only takes a fraction of your resources (time, money, effort) All you do is fill in a simple form and the recycling company does the rest.


The proper and safe disposal of mobile phones is difficult for the average consumer because the materials used to create your average mobile phone are very resilient and whilst this ensures their robustness during their usage by the consumer, it presents acute problems when we try to dispose of them.

Mobile phones are not biodegradable meaning that they will take hundreds and even thousands of years to finally break down and decompose, and even when they do, the toxins within them will poison both flora and fauna alike.

Nor can we incinerate them, for this produces noxious and obnoxious fumes which pose a threat to both humans and the environment as well. To those naysayers who would claim that recycling your mobile is a con, perhaps you should take a long look in the mirror before making such remarks, for whilst the recycling may not provide you with as much cash in your hands as you would like, this does not render it a bad course of action.

The government is offering tax concessions in order to ensure that our environment can be saved and the significant amounts of harm that we insist upon inflicting it are finally stemmed once and for all. So in my humble opinion….. recycle, recycle, recycle!!


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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