Paypal Resuming Local Bank Withdrawals to India from March 3rd.

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Since last few weeks all Indian publishers were facing problems in withdrawing money to their bank accounts after the sudden Paypal issue but now they can sit relaxed as Paypal is expected to resume the local Indian bank withdrawals from March 3rd, 2010.Yesterday I received a mail from Paypal, which states that the cash withdrawal from Paypal to Indian Bank Account will be possible from 3rd march.

As per official Paypal mail :

Today, we are happy to announce that the RBI has allowed us to continue local bank withdrawals for settlements for exports of goods and services.  We are currently making changes to comply with Indian regulations for settlements for exports of goods and services, and we anticipate that, as of Wednesday, March 3rd, customers will be able to use our bank withdrawal service.

You can check out the official announcement on Paypal Blog by Farhad on its blog on March 1 with specific instructions for customers on how they can move their money into their bank accounts.

Paypal Resuming local bank withdrawals to India


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