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Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the most popular and useful web browser.Firefox empowered with addons/extension and themes  making it flexible and easy for customization.There are number of  addons which are useful and one such addon is Foxtab which gives innovative 3D functionality to your browser.

As per Developer’s of FoxTab :

As the web is rapidly turning into an application environment where dozens of tabs are being opened concurrently, accessing a page visually is in times the fastest and best possible option.FoxTab introduces to Firefox the best and most attractive way for accessing the web as never seen before on any other browser or operating system.

Features :

✔ Quickly access your favorite web sites with Speed Dial
✔Easily flip between opened tabs using mouse or keyboard gestures.By clicking on a given thumbnail, the selected tab will be focused.
✔ Recently Closed Tabs – To view recently closed tabs, open FoxTab and select [Recently Closed Tabs] from the top bar.By clicking on any thumbnail, the corresponding page will be reopened

Once you have installed the add-on just press the “launch FoxTab” button on your navigation toolbar and FoxTab will arrange all the tabs you have opened in a 3D “stack” which is tabs arranged one behind another.

FoxTab Screenshot

Just roll your mouse wheel or press the Ctrl-Tab keys to flip through the various tabs you have opened and click the one you want to go to. You can press the Ctrl-Q keys to keep it in a flip mode.

FoxTab Screenshot 2

So this is really useful firefox add-on. So just give it atry and Download FoxTab Firefox addon and visit their homepage to read more details about FoxTab.


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