Free Miss call alert for IDEA and BSNL Users !!

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Hi Friends, Few days ago, I had posted a trick of free Missed call alert for Airtel users. Today I am going to post a free missed call alerts trick for IDEA and BSNL users. By using this trick you can activate the Free Miss call alerts on your Phone. For this you have to just dial a number and it cost you nothing.

Free Missed call alers BSNL and IDEA

Free Missed call alerts help us when our mobile phone’s battery dries up or when at night we switch off our mobile phone, we may miss many phone calls. For this reason the Indian mobile operators provides Missed call alert facilities to their  subscribers and customers.

What is “Miss Call Alerts” ??

When your phone is Switched Off or Out of Reach, You will be notified via SMS when you will switch on your phone or you get back your network. To avail follow the instructions given below-

Activate Free Missed call alert for IDEA Users

Just dial **62*919891004748# and get free miss call alert 4 lifetime

Activate Free Missed call alert for BSNL Users

Just dial **62*9117010# and get free miss call alert 4 lifetime.


FREE Missed call alert for IDEA – MCA Alert

  • Gujarat – *62*+919824001711# 100% Working Tested.
  • Delhi: *62*+919891004748#
  • Rajasthan: *62*+919887040012#
  • Maharashtra: *62*+919822001711#
  • Kerala:*62*+919847926340#
  • Bihar and Jharkhand: *62*+919708002800#

FREE Missed call alert for BSNL

  • Dial : *62*17010# (100% working in GUJARAT and Tested.)

If this trick work for you , Just comment here. In case of any problem you can ask your question by commenting here. Enjoy


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20 Responses to “Free Miss call alert for IDEA and BSNL Users !!”

  1. Varun says:

    hello buddy in bsnl it s already free
    and am using
    anyways cn u pl tel me de same for aircel?

  2. srikiran says:

    hey iam using idea but trick is not working

  3. Sourabh Jain says:

    Hey I am using BSNL but it says not allowed.

  4. ashwin says:

    i am using idea but it is showing requst not complete

  5. Gaurav says:

    this is call divert a number when i call my number.
    not work properly.

  6. Ajit K says:

    m usin IDEA Maharashtra, nd it sayz request not completed evrytym..

  7. Anshul says:

    hey buddy I am from M.P….this trick doesn’t work on IDEA 4 me….can you give another trick…
    my mail id is also can u suggest 4 free GPRS and free sms….i
    will be heartly thankful to you…

  8. sameer says:

    hey i m using idea connection and if dial that command it is showing not allowed

    what is this tell   ASAP

  9. Rengaraj says:

    Small change for bsnl users
    i typed *62*+9117010#  and made call…Now, divert activated
    Switch off…

    Switch on..
    I received call alerts after 2-3 mins…
    this is working for bsnl

  10. ankush says:

    i m using idea what can i do to make free call
    thanks for help

  11. Nishant says:

    hey i m using idea but this trick not working plz reply me on my mail id at

  12. saurav says:

    the trick didn’t work for bsnl.

  13. Arvind says:

     how i can i activate missed call alert in free send me some trick at

  14. jegan says:

    i dial that miss call alert no. but still now not working , am in tamil nadu, how to i activate for that

  15. Rocky says:

    I am using Idea connection in mumbai and if my phone is switched off and some1 calls it tells that it is not a valid number and when my phone is on again i am not getting sms alert

  16. Anil says:

    Hi buddy i am using idea but it is showing requst not complete

  17. rajesh kumar says:

    can you tell how to activate free missed call alert for idea in Tamil nadu….

  18. ertger says:

    not working and my calls got getting forwarded automatically

  19. Sanjay Kumar says:


    This is a call forwarding service..

    *62* diverts your call to the mentioned number..

  20. Aniket Borhade says:

    You looser, spammer, fraud, this is a call forwarding service no.

    *****VISITORS BEWARE******
    He is forwording your calls to his no.

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