Top 10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives

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Here are the best PowerPoint Alternatives. PowerPoint is the most widely used productivity suite. But not many can shell out thousands of dollars for the purchase license. I’ve shortlisted a few cost-effective PowerPoint Alternatives.

PowerPoint Alternatives

Online PowerPoint Alternatives

1. Google Docs

It is one of the notable alternatives of Office productivity tools. It recently updated collaborative presentations feature, which makes it more intuitive and flexible to work with. Google Docs can serve as a perfect online alternative and help you work with more ease but in my opinion, it still lacks many features.

2. Microsoft Office Web Apps

It is the solution from Microsoft, which allows us to work with presentation online. It sports numerous intriguing features like SkyDrive integration, Multi-User environment e.t.c. It also offers a multitude of productivity features.

3. Zoho Show

It is one of my personal favourites, However, it is not exclusively dedicated to the theme of presentations. You can add shadows and reflections to slides, insert dynamic forms that can transform or modify to suit a specific slide and it’s theme. It is a way more Powerfult tool in comparison with Google Docs.

4. SlideOnline

It is a online web application dedicated to convert to your existing presentation to an online format. It clearly falls short of all the other apps I’ve previously mentioned, considering the fact that you can’t possibly edit the presentation, but it is an innovative way for social sharing your presentation and gaining maximum exposure.

Offline PowerPoint Alternatives

5. OpenOffice

It is an impressive tool which can service as an ultimate alternative for designing Presentation. It provides an easier, more convenient, faster platform for designing presentation. It is still in early development stage and it is no match for PowerPoint.

6. Impressive:

It enables us to quickly create and design presentations through the use of PDF documents .Impressive are available for Linux as well as Windows. As it’s name suggests, it delivers impressive performance. It supports a wide range of video, image formats as well as presents us with various export options.

7. Keynote

It is a hugely popular application coming from the line of Apple iWork, Productivity Suite, which provides a rather more powerful tool for creating Presentations on Mac. Keynote Wizard provides an intuitive interface which lets you design and create Presentations with impressive effects in few minutes. It has a massive library of numerous spectacular templates. It is also available on iPad facilitating portability.

8. Photomotr

It is a Facebook application which allows you to choose from your photo and design a photo album or a slideshow. It even lets you add text and sound effects.

9. Animoto

It is a web service which provides an innovative platform to create presentations focused through the images. It allows us to create a video by animating images. We can also import images from Instagram to create a video presentation. The free version allows us to work upto 30 second long video, while you will need to purchase the premium version to access the full pledged features.

10. Prezi

Prezi is a radically different alternative in comparison to conventional presentation tools. It’s infamous zooming interface make it stand out of the league. If you are looking for conventional formal presentations, Prezi is not your cup of tea. Spit out your creativity on the infinite canvas.

Comment out your personal favorite PowerPoint Alternatives!


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  • ciprian

    I like Prezi, but, PowerPoint is still the one. Why? Simply because of its availability and …yes…the marketing. Ask anyone and you will find that everybody knows how to handle a ppt presentation My opinion, few actually knows, this is why alternatives like this presented here are so popular, for the simply reason that just a few are quite familiar with what PowerPoint can do. There are quite a few impressive presentations on the web and all Made by PowerPoint. There are quite a few impressive Prezi presentations as well, so I must conclude that it is not the soft it self that makes a difference, but the people that are to soft on knowledge since great results are both achieved by Microsoft PowerPoint and The Other One (whatever name it bears). As long as every Windows PC comes bundled with a 3 months trial of whatever Microsoft gives away and not a Prezi trial, we have a winner. With the web master permission, visit here

  • Dakota55

    Hello Vishal, nice post.
    However, I’d like to add one more tool to the online list up there. It’s called, and it’s free. The results are great, and not only for presentations, but also for infographics, posters, postcards…Whatever you need actually.
    Here’s the link if you want to take a look at it:

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