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If you are the user of Google Plus, the most popular social network at the moment, and you want to receive all of your notifications on your desktop. Yes, you can get the Google+ notifications on your desktop with  G+ Notifier. G+ Notifier is a Windows utility that sits in the notification area and alerts you to notifications in the Google+ social network.

G+ Notifier is a software to receive, from your desktop or rather from your Windows notification area, all your Google+ messages. Just download it and Install on windows to start G+ notifier.

google balloon 
Once opened, it will connect to your Google plus account, that’s it. The icon will then display the number of unread messages in a tooltip, you then double-click on it for future reference.

G+ Notifier

Google G+ notifier Features :

  • Periodically checks for new notifications in Google+
  • Shows number of unread messages in the notification icon
  • Shows Windows balloon notifications or Snarl popups when new notifications are detected
  • Easy (or automatic, if enabled) installation of updates

G+ notifier provides popup notifications window for quick access to notifications without launching browser. I can say that G+ Notifier is very simple to use, practical, low resource utilization in short, a nice tool to use.

Download : G+ Notifier For Google+


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