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We know that Vehicle theft is always a concern, but what if you could instantly locate your vehicle? What if you could provide the police with the exact location of your vehicle and have it back before there is any harm done? These “what ifs” can be solved with the Smart Tracker. Access your vehicles location in real time and even track the route it is taking if in use. So vehicle recovery is more easy with the Smart Tracker. Companies often use GPS to track their vehicles and employees.

This improves accountability and efficiancy. Companies are finding out that GPS tracking devices that are wired into the vehicle are much more reliable than cell phones that have GPS. There are many reasons for this but primarily because the cell phone battery can go dead, the phone can be tampered with, and since the phone is portable it doesn’t actually prove the driver is where the phone is.

A cell phone tracker has the capability to provide more detailed tracking, because the phone will be carried around by the individual instead of being left in the garage with the vehicle. Another plus to cell phone tracking is that people already own cell phones, so all that needs to be purchased is the monthly GPS plan.

A vehicle tracking system is very accurate. Although it does not have the ability to track the individual and will not provide helpful information when the individual is not driving the vehicle, it is still a much more reliable option than a cell phone tracking system. Because the vehicle tracking system does not perform other function as a cell phone does, the battery life lasts much longer and does not require constant recharging.

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  • Sammy Launius @ Vehicle Tracking

    Very good information .It is improves accountability and efficiancy  that GPS tracking devices that are wired into the vehicle are much more reliable than cell phones that have GPS.Thanks

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