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Now Meet friends and make new ones, down the road & across the globe.  Mig33 is an amazing service that allows you to chat and send instant messages, helps you save on your call costs, keep in touch with friends and even help you make new ones. And best of all, it does all of this through your mobile phone!

1.Connect to all your IM Chats


Now it’s too easy to connect with friends on MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, GTalk and AIM messengers all at once, using mig33. You can also use chat with emoticons and exchange a photo too.

2.Meet New Friends , Chat and Have Fun


Mig33 community has created the world’s best place for chat. You can meet new friends, connect with popular IMs, play games and much more.

3. Value Calls and SMS

They have great value rates for making phone calls and sending SMS, especially to international countries. You can call and text to over 100 countries.You can view the latest competitive rates here.


So Mig33 is an easy-to-use application that you simply register, download onto your phone and enjoy these great features.


Vishal Gaikar

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    This can be an alternative to the popular Nimbuzz.

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