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Peter Answers, it is a virtual tarot web application that can answer virtually any question. With the vast number of questions he receives everyday, you have to type a petition for him to answer your question.

PeterAnswers is the “Interactive Souls Engine” and “virtual tarot” is really no more than a fancy prank.You can easily fool your friends with this website. I am writing a simple tutorial which will guide you to use this trick.

Screenshot :


Follow the simple steps :

1) Visit  When the page loads , there are instructions and two blank fields, “Petition” and “Question.

2) Now tell your friends that Peter Answers Virtual Tarot can read minds, and will answer your question.

3) Now Ask your friends question, now you can make a petition by writing Peter, please answer: or Peter , Plz answer the Question etc.

4)Ignore the directions of the site. Realize that Peter Answers is a gag you can play on your friends. So the directions are a front.

5)Now instead of putting “peter, please answer:” put period “.” (not with the quotation marks) and put your answer and then put another “.” and then type out the rest of the petition.

6)Then type down the question with the question mark. And then accept the terms and Peter will answer your question…

7) That’s it. Enjoy.

This is a great game to play with friends or when you are hanging out late at night. Be prepared for some startling responses and don’t give the secret away.Thanks Pallavi for this beautiful trick.

Links : PeterAnswers Homepage


Vishal Gaikar

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  • emily

    hello x wots the password ?? xx

  • umer

    i want to join peter answer

  • amy

    that is just press the button this one in the brackets(.)it is a full stop and then right your answer in the petetion
    bye good luck make your friends fooool:)

    • Thanks Amy for your comment.

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